How to Upload 3D Model on TurboSquid?

To upload 3d model to sell on Turbosquid only need an account which have it’s specific paypal ot or payoneer card number and verify your account to your own email. With information of 3d model need to turbosquid and there are more types of files, we can upload more types of files and also there is an option to upload images with high resolution and then also the texture file you can upload.

Upload 3D Model on TurboSquid

Sign up, most of seller do not focus on SEO while they are uploading they don’t read the instruction of website these why they don’t get more download or buyer. There is also an option for SEO like tags, category, and also 2-3 spaces to fill.

Upload model on turbosquid there will be a form for making uploading different types of files like blend, fbx, obj, dae, ply, formats are there. The next will be for only images like jpg, png.

And the UV Unwrapping image most powerful full for selling your 3d models on TurboSquid. Also like wireframe is most need to publish 3d models if you upload wireframe image so you can’t on publish button.

Category should be to your 3d model if model is building so choose category also of building or architecture. How to Upload 3D on TurboSquid: Sign Up. In order to access the artist area, view your dashboard, and get paid, we’ll need a little information.  Visit Boost Your Sales. Beyond Publishing: Exploring More of TurboSquid.

Watch Tutorial Upload 3D Model on TurboSquid

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