How to Update CCleaner?

If your PC is working really slow, then you need to optimize and clean it. CCleaner is the perfect tool for optimizing the PC, speeding up its performance, and cleaning it.

Like every other think, the user needs to keep the PC’s health in check, and CCleaner offers multiple features that can help the user in this aspect.

Updating CCleaner

CCleaner can be updated in the easiest way. If you want to manually check the updates, then follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Management Console, and in the Help menu, you will see Check for Updates option
  • Select the updates that you want to download and install
  • Select Ok, and the installation process will begin

Always make sure that you check for manual updates two times, so that all the components can be downloaded properly.

When the user updates the Management Service, then the installers start right away. This way, the user would be able to roll out updates to the Endpoint Agents from the console.

Check Updates

When you open CCleaner Professional, you will see the browsers that you have. At the lower right hand corner, you will see the option that says “Check for Updates”.

Using this option, the user can see if there are any updates for CCleaner. On this very same user interface, the user would be able to check what they want to delete from their computer like history, cookies, temporary internet files, last download action and recently typed URLs. It shows the browsers that the user has, and what can be done.

For Company Use

CCleaner is not only available for personal computers, but it is also available for small companies, medium sized companies and large organizations. The user would be able to clean and monitor their computer with the help of CCleaner Cloud, right from their browser.

If companies download their software, then they will be able to improve their PC’s productivity. Most of the time, softwares get stuck when they are being updated from different networked computers, and this is mainly because a PC is not well maintained, and there are too many junk files stored in it.

The end user will get monitoring reports about what is being deleted from their PC, so that it can function well. This way, the network computers of a company would stay safe and fast.


There are two versions of CCleaner; free and professional. The free version offers two features like Standard Privacy Protection, and Standard Cleaning. However, the professional features offer multiple features like:

  • Privacy protection
  • Standard cleaning
  • Completing the health check of the PC
  • Updating apps in order to decrease security risks
  • Completely cleaning the PC
  • Browsing history stays private
  • If there are any internet trackers on the system, then they will be detected and removed
  • Keeps the PC from running out of space
  • Instant updates of products
  • Customer support is the priority

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