How to Track your Flight via Facebook Messenger Bot?

In this tutorial I’m going to show you “How to track your flight via Facebook Messenger Bot?”. A Facebook Messenger bot can do just about anything you tell it to do. App in the Air is a Facebook messenger bot that can track a flight. App in the air give travelling tips such as availability of WiFi at a particular airport, and also tell you if you some of your carry on items will be confiscated by the TSA.

Track your flight via facebook messenger bot

First of all, visit app in the air and click the “Message” button.

Track your Flight via Facebook Messenger Bot

A message window should pop up with a Get Started button. Click it and the bot will send you the first three basic functions it can complete in the form of basis for a lawsuit buttons. To find out if the airport you’re going to leave from or arrive it has WiFi or not, ask the bot using the take and official name of the airport.


Does JFK airport have WiFi or Does Heath row London airport have WiFI, etc. The answers come in the form of user reviews so often they might tell you if the WiFi is available and if it’s good or bad.

Track your Flight via Facebook Messenger Bot




To add a flight, ask the bot flight’s status or just click “Flight status” button. It will prompt you to add it first. The messenger bot will ask for the date of departure in day/month format. After that the messenger bot will also ask for the name of the flight. Flight names are alphanumeric with the alphabetical portion representing the airline and the number it’s own number. Both must be entered correctly. If you are having any kind of trouble, then you can simply find this information in your ticket or the airline’s website.

App in the air has smartphones app and it has also Facebook app. Once it’s found your flight, it will ask you how you want to track it. Select “Track in Messenger”.

Track your Flight via Facebook Messenger Bot

The Messenger bot will update you when there is a change in flight’s schedule. It will also tell you when will it’s about to depart and land among other things.

Track your flight via Facebook Messenger bot

The Messenger bot is pretty awesome for when you need to remember to pick someone up at the airport, track a loved one’s flight. It will also informed you when boarding for your flight has been announced. All you have to do is just install the App in the Air app and have fun.

Enjoy 🙂

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