How to set up a smart soundbar?

How to set up a smart soundbar?

Roko is famous for its streaming devices (sticks, boxes, TVs), but they also offer a soundbar that combines a Roko 4K compliant media streamer with a soundbar called the Roko Smart Sound Bar (model 9101R). ) is called. Here’s how to set up your Stop Soundbar and start streaming.

What you need to do is configure your Roko Smart Soundbar?

The smart soundbar comes with a power cord, remote control with batteries, and HDMI and digital optical cables. The different things you need are a TV, Wi-Fi, PC, or cell phone. Visit more: TechsTribe

Stop Smart Soundbar Setup Instructions Configuring a Roku Smart Soundbar is a little different from other Sound Bar and other Ruku devices.

  1. Connect the HDMI or digital optical connection of the voice bar to the HDMI-ARC input or the digital optical output of your TV. If the HDMI input on your TV does not conform to ARC, use a digital optical connection for sound. However, the HDMI output of the soundbar still needs to be connected to your TV so that you can see the Roku menu options and streaming content on your TV screen.
  2. Enable HDMI-ARC and CEC on your TV. Depending on the brand and model number of your TV, CEC can have many names, such as Annet / Ennet + (Samsung), Simplink (LG), Bravia Sync / Bravia Link (Sony), Toshiba (Rajza Link, CE Link), CEC (Visual), or Device Control. Setup steps may vary.
  3. On the TV, select the input (HDMI 1, 2, etc.) Connected to the smart soundbar.
  4. Connect the soundbar to the power supply. The Roku sprinkle page (Roku logo) ought to show on the TV screen.
  5. Addition the batteries into the remote. The remote should automatically connect to the soundbar. If that doesn’t happen, you’ll need to manually connect the remote.
    A green light will shine in the battery compartment during the pairing. The light will keep on sparkling on the matching.
  6. Once the remote pair is verified, select your language.
  7. Stop soundbar will search for wireless networks. Select your network from the list provided.
  8. Enter your network password.
  9. Wait for network connection confirmation.
  10. A software update notice may appear. Select OK. Do nothing during the update process or turn off your TV or soundbar. The soundbar will restart when the update is complete.
  11. Select the type of auto display. An HDMI connection message will confirm your TV’s resolution, HDCP, and HDR capabilities if any.
  12. Select Yes, the screen looks good or choose a different resolution and HDMI setting.
  13. If HDMI-ARC or HDMI-CEC is not verified, you will see a warning prompting you to try again.
  14. If your TV does not support ARC, connect a digital optical cable from the TV (pictured below example) to the soundbar (if you haven’t already) so that your TV And get the connected voice from other sources. Television

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