How to Reduce Chrome Memory Usage?

Reduce Chrome Memory Usage

Who doesn’t use Google Chrome? It is such a popular browser, which lets the user download all sorts of extensions and gain more from it. However, most users feel that the browser uses a lot of memory, and it can slow down both the browser and the PC.

Reduce Chrome Memory Usage Overview

Reduce Chrome Memory Usage


Reduce Chrome Memory Usage Reduce Chrome Memory Usage

If someone wants to reduce Chrome’s memory usage, then continue reading the article.

Chrome Memory Usage

There are so many fixes that the user can implement so that the Chrome browser doesn’t use much memory. These fixes are pretty straightforward:

Unused Tabs

The first thing that the user needs to do is close to unused tabs. There could be a chance that these unused tabs are using a lot of RAM, and in order to get rid of the issue, just close the tabs that you no longer need, or you can reopen again.

Hardware Acceleration

This is another way to get rid of the excessive RAM that Chrome is using. First, open the browser, and click on the menu button. Then go to Settings, and scroll down until you find the Advanced settings option. Under this section, click on System, and then turn on the toggle when you see the option of ‘Use hardware acceleration when available’.

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Now, restart the browser, and type ‘chrome://gpu/” in the browser’s address bar. Hit the Enter key, and you will see if the Hardware Acceleration is enabled or not.

Malware Scan

Chrome’s memory usage can also increase when there is malware or adware in the system. For this, you need to scan the whole computer, by using a good antivirus. If you download AdwCleaner, then it will let you perform other functions as well like resetting proxy, Winsock, Firewall, and Hosts file.

User Profile

In case you have noticed, there are user profiles on Google Chrome. The first thing that you need to do is open the Task Manager, and kill every current process of Google Chrome, then, go to explorer, C drive, click on Users, username, App Data, local, Google, Chrome, User Data, and then default. Here, you will find multiple files; select them all, and then delete them.

Now, open the Chrome browser again, and create a new profile. Check if the issue you were facing is fixed or not.

Browser Extensions

Browser extensions can be really useful for users because they can download videos using extensions or run a VPN. However, these extensions can conflict with the speed of websites loading.

The user needs to fix such issues, and disable extensions; if necessary, the user should also remove the toolbar or disable it. Running the browser in safe mode will let the user know which extension has been offending the system.

Site Isolation Feature

Open the browser and in the address bar type, chrome://flags. It will take you to a page where you can see the Strict site location; toggle the Enabled option on this entry, and then restart the browser so that changes can take effect. This method will fix the high memory and disk usage of the system.

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