How to post on the Twitter in Android?

Nowadays, Twitter is not providing the new updates then we can’t post on the twitter so, today I’m going to tell you about a post on the twitter. First of all, you must read this article and follow our information what would we want to discuss and talk about it. The owner of the Twitter says,

I cannot give you any type of permisson to post on the twitter for free, that’s why first should be improved from some ways then it will take the photos and videos so, you can get some and the ebst ideas from twitter.

How to post on the Twitter in Android?

First Of All, You must capture the photos and Videos for posting on the Twitter After Capturing photos and Videos and so, then you can give it any title and write the Paragraph so many people read your post and your Videos I want to take it in your life.  When you will post on the twitter so you have come to some options for using it and checking it. Twitter has Updated now in this week.

Step #1:

You can post any photos and any videos from here look yourself how can we post on twitter? You will click this photo’s type pic click here so, many options will have come to you so, what will you do at that time? I have the answer to this question. You must read this article and follow it then we will check it. After Clicking here.

Step #2:

After clicking it so, Turn your mobile android camera then you can easily post any videos photos on the twitter. You can tell your Address and location. Twitter has given you just 140 words for writing on the twitter’s post. Otherwise, it does not give many permissions for anything on the twitter.

Final Step:

Look it and tell me in the comment what a post I have posted this photo in just 8 hours look likes and share  and comments you can do post same it on the twitter write 1-2 lines and give Good Title on your post so, many peoples can see your post and do likes Comments and shares we will do work same it.

You must post the same anything and you will share many peoples and social media and give your post ads on the youtube, Facebook Twitter, Pinterest, much social media on the Google you can search on the Google yourself. So, many peoples will see your post If they will like your post so, you have to come message them, and you should reply them comments. I have the idea for your replying to comments you will write this Line. ”Thank’s for Comments, Sharing And Liking my Page”



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