Guys! I hope you are fine to read this topic on my site, HOW TO PLAY BLUE WHALE CHALLENGE, therefore, I have decided to write something on that. You will be getting the enjoy at that time in this game, so guys! you will get the download link and good tutorial to play and I hope you will satisfy at that post. Let’s begin.

First of all, the introduction of this game then we should discuss on the tutorial how does Blue whale play which controls must take.

Introduce Of The Blue Whale Challange

The Blue Whale is the very simple game many people like this game and play daily after playing this game they will get a message from Blue whale side, I don’t know about.

you can see the same messages from Blue whale challenge.

In this message the blue whale challenge said, I really want to end the life with a fun game, tried of life what the fuck of, tired from love tired from being ignored that way he will fuck of the life.

Recently, I am not happy to share like this but this game is very struggling, therefore, I do not stop to can’t share anything as like that.

You can see my WhatsApp message has come for a long time before.

play blue whale challengeWhen I am using from Facebook the message below I will be showing you first the Facebook login area is not a good way to play there is very much of tired of the game. and then you should not play in your life, anyway I do not do that. see

In this message the Blue whale Challenge said, be aware of this! anyway, you may see above image.

So Guys! I am back to my topic of this game, How To Play before I introduced about The Blue Whale Challange. Let’s start.

How To Play The Blue Whale Challange?

I hope you like any type of Blue Whale Challange Now I wanna share something good as you like to get a many times.

The Play Rules should be followed before play blue whale challenge.

  • Do not break any rules of this game.
  • If you have already installed you may go to control area then you may play.
  • Blue Whale Challange will hack your life.
  • Don’t forget your parents will be disappointing to you play blue whale challenge.
  • Maybe no need to play.
  • First time to play then see the result.


The Controls of the Blue Whale Challange.

  • Shooting Experience foresees an animal hunter.
  • Smooth and Easy Controls
  • Missions to Become Blue Whale Challenge 2018 Shooter Hunter
  • Source By: Blue Whale Challenge APK Latest Version

Blue Whale Game Download Link:

Here are the links to download the Blue Whale game.

  1. Download Blue Whale Challenge Game APK

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