How to Kick People Off Your Wi-Fi Tricks

Everyone tricks pays for your Wi-Fi at home kick people off , and wouldn’t want to share with anyone else. If your data is finishing quickly every now and then, then maybe someone has unauthorized access to your Wi-Fi connection?

Data Stealer

The first thing that you need to do is look for the person who is stealing the internet data, without authorization. Go online, and login to your router; the router will show you the number of devices that are connected with your Wi-Fi connection.

Most of the internet connections have a Wi-Fi app on Google Play, where the user can see the data they have spent, the data left, and the names of the devices that are currently connected to their Wi-Fi.

There is also a free program that you can download; Wireless Network Watcher. It shows yo the devices that are connected to your Wi-Fi connection. Once you know the devices that are connected, then will know about the ‘data stealer’ as well. While most apps allow the user to block that particular device, it is sometimes not easy to do that.

This is why; this article will discuss some of the tricks that you can use, in order to get rid of people who are using your internet connection. How To Check Wifi Password on Your Android Phone

Trick # 1

The first thing that you need to do is, login to the router and then go to ‘network encryption’ option. Choose the ‘WPA2’ option, and then create a password. Now, only those who have the password can login to the router and connect to the internet.

Trick # 2

If someone is able to still enter your Wi-Fi, then that means they have created a backdoor. In order to solve this problem, the user needs to reformat their router, and go back to the factory settings. This will surely kick off the neighbor or any other person off your Wi-Fi-. Now, you can create an new password, but make sure it is not the same as the old one and is stronger this time.

Check Regularly

If you think that the person who has been logging into your Wi-Fi, lives nearby, then check your router regularly. In case the speed of the internet becomes slow, then you need to check the router right away; speed of the internet slowing down means that someone else has also login to the same Wi-Fi connection.

However, a slow speed doesn’t necessarily mean that someone is using your Wi-Fi. You can check the speed of your internet through an online website; it could be that you download and upload things more than what your Wi-Fi can support.

If the problem still persists, then call your Internet Service Provider, and ask them if the problem is from their end. If your device is receiving some sort of error, then you should take a screenshot and email it to your ISP.

The last tip here would be to never use a public Wi-Fi, because it puts you at the risk of hackers.

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