How to install PWA in Microsoft Edge?

Types installed in Microsoft Edge Chromium How to install PWA in Microsoft Edge?

Microsoft Edge offers three ways to install the Chrome Chrome website as progressive web apps. The first method tells you how to install a website that includes PWA functionality.

How to install PWA in Microsoft Edge?

The second method shows you that you can forcibly install a site as PWA. And the third method shows you how to reinstall PWAs that were not previously completely removed from your desktop.\

Installing native PWAs

Whenever you visit a website with PWA functionality, Microsoft Edge Chromium will automatically provide you with the means to install it. Just look at the right corner of the address bar, and you should see an ‘+‘ shaped installation icon. Click on it. Then on the floating box that appears, click Install.

The website will then launch as a PWA app in its dedicated Edge window. You’ll also find the PWA (Website Logo Feature) icon on your desktop, which you can use to open the PWA whenever you want later. Can use

Forcible formation of PWAs

PWAs are still quite unusual. This means that your favorite site or web application is less likely to support PWA. But don’t let the status of a PWA prevent you from forcibly installing a site. While you don’t get the slightest benefit from using a real PWA, the ability to launch a website (complete with a desktop icon) in its dedicated window if a focus is a priority Is ideal.

As the website opens, bring up the Edge menu (click on the three-dot icon in the upper right corner of the screen), and then point to Apps. Next, click on the option labeled Install this site as an app.

Install Microsoft Edge Chromium as PW 2

You will at that point be incited with a confirmation box. Replace the default name if needed, click Install, and the site will be installed as PWA.

Re-create PWA shortcuts

If you have already installed PWA and finished deleting its desktop icon, you do not need to reinstall PWA from scratch. Rather, start Edge Apps Launcher – type Edge:/Apps in the location bar of the new tab and press Enter. You will then see a list of Edge PWAs installed on your desktop. Just right-click on the PWA you want to add back to the desktop, and then click PIN2.

Install Microsoft Edge Chromium as PW 4

On the confirmation box that appears next, check the box next to the desktop, and then click PIN.

Note: If you want to create a PWA shortcut on the taskbar, you can also check the box next to the taskbar with the PIN.

Is Gmail a PWA?

Gmail is already PWA, but I’ve seen some users claim that it only works as PWA in Chrome. (It doesn’t offer the “Install” option for some reason, but it does work using the “Create Shortcut” menu item.)


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