I honestly don’t know much about SEO, my 3 years of blogging journey has been a roller coaster ride, I always kept writing on topics I was passionate about, rather focusing on the topics my target audience was passionate about, do I make sense? Of course not! Back then I didn’t know about keyword research and all the stuff that comes into ranking your keyword.

SEO Advantage

So, after 3 years of experiments I came to the following conclusion, I hope all the newbies who are as confused as I was once would take advantage of it. So here we go.

  1. Define your target audience(You need to know who exactly are you targeting? Are these teenage girls? Or People who want to learn to blog? Are these married couple or those who want relationship advice?
  2. Once you figured out who is your targeted audience, find out everything about them. What are their interests, where do they hang out, what are they passionate about.
  3. Go-to the forums they hang out mostly, for e.g if your audience is mostly women, they tend to hang out at Pinterest the most, then comes Instagram and Facebook groups. Go explore these Platforms, see what people are asking, what kinda advice they are looking for.
  4. Use Google, type in your KW and even before you PRESS enter, see what good old Google has to suggest to you. If you just come down and see the bottom of the page you will find many related keywords too.
  5. Interact with these people (your targeted audience) ask them what is it they want to read about, create a poll, ask questions and see what topics they find interesting.

These are a few very basic steps that you can get you started, even before you start your keyword research. The strategy will show the right path you want to take so that you don’t get lost. After that, you can check the competition/ search volume and keyword difficulty.

SEO is 50% common sense, another 50% are the experiences you acquired and learned from them. Shortcuts only tend to work for a short period of time, common sense goes a long way.

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