How to fix Error Code: BEAVER in Destiny

Hey, Gamers! Today, we have another error to fix… We all love first-person shooter video games. Well! Destiny is the best video game when you want some adventurous war. But we are being reported that most of the players are getting error code BEAVER in Destiny. That’s the reason we want to help our users to play Destiny without any error. In this article, we are going to fix error code: BEAVER in Destiny. The problem is that when a user is trying to log into the Destiny servers, and an error code: BEAVER message pops up on PC desktop screen.

How can you fix error code: BEAVER in Destiny

Our team has been working and looking for solutions to fix error code: BEAVER. We always provide the best answer to your problem so you can play video games without errors. To solve this issue in Destiny, you must check your modem router, or modem and router. Don’t worry about that, I have put together the guidelines to help you to check your modem and router. Complete the following instructions step-by-step:

How to check router and modem

As far as we know, error code: BEAVER in Destiny is appearing due to internet connectivity problems. When your console is failed to connect to the another player’s console. You will see error code: BEAVER even when you are playing Destiny on low-speed internet connection. However, they are most commonly caused by router or network configuration issues. If you are using WiFi to play Destiny, we strongly recommend switching to a wired connection.

Reset Power cycle router device

You have to turn off both devices for a while if you are using modem and router together
You have to unplug the power adapter for both your modem and router for at least 30 seconds
Then plug in the power adapter and try to connect to the Destiny server

Press the reset button on Router

NOTE: Resetting router to its default settings could solve the issue in Destiny. Do this method at your own risk when you do not have username or password.

Disconnect WiFi and connect your device directly via Ethernet Cable

  1. Disconnect your WiFi
  2. Connect the Ethernet cable to the modem
  3. Ethernet cable: Check if the cable is in good condition. Test by using a spare or borrow an Ethernet cable
  4. If this works, avoid using your router

I hope that you have successfully fixed the error code: BEAVER in Destiny. If you need more help, comment below.

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