How To Find Lost FireStick Remote

Remotes are bound to get lost somewhere in the house, regardless of their brand. The worst part? You can’t even send a ‘miscall’ to it, to know their location. However, things are different when it comes to FireStick Remote. If you lose the FireStick Remote, you can still use your device without any hassle.

How is FireStick Different?

FireStick device is different because it works on a Wi-Fi connection. When you set up FireStick device, then you navigate the interface where the Wi-Fi credentials are already saved. When Fire TV Stick remote control is lost, the Wi-Fi on the device is already working, making it still usable even if you can’t find the remote control.

Within the House

If the remote control is lost within the house, you can use your smartphone to navigate through the device. This is very possible when the device is connected to the same network, as your phone. The user just have to login to the app, and start using it as a functional remote control.

The Fire TV app is available on the Play Store and the App Store. When the installation process is completed, and the user is on the same network, then the FireStick would pop up on the app and the user won’t even have to login; they only have to enter the 4 digits PIN number. 5 Most Popular Remote Support Software (Reviews)

Away from Home

The reason why connecting the FireStick with the smartphone app was easy in the previous method, was because they both were connected to the same network. However, if you have the FireStick device, and the remote is back at home, then you need to spend more time to make it work.

First, you need to arrange two smartphones; one will act as a remote for FireStick, and the other will act as a hotspot. However, this won’t work for iPhone, because its hotspot can’t be changed, which is why you can use your Mac computer or Windows computer. Android smartphone, with an internet connection, would do the trick as well.

Features for Lost FireStick Remote

Now, install the Fire TV app on your smartphone, and login using credentials. Keep the first phone aside, and then make a hotspot using the same credentials as the Wi-Fi back home. Make sure that you type the right Wi-Fi password and name, paying special attention to the capslock.

Now, connect the Fire TV Stick with the TV and switch it on, and it will connect with the Wi-Fi hotspot that you have created. You also need to connect the other smartphone with the same Wi-Fi network. A connection is now established, and you can enjoy your favorite shows and movies.

Another solution would be to use an old Fire TV Stick remote, as default. Even though the previous generation remote has some missing buttons, it can still work on the current version of the Fire Stick.

Losing a remote, when it comes to Fire TV Stick is not a problem. This is because, you can easily use your smartphone as a remote control.

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