How to Download Spotify mod APK?

Spotify has become the brand name for streaming music app, because it is easy to use, and has a huge number of users. The artists, who want to release their music, even choose this platform to do so. The copyright music on this app is of high quality, and the application even updates constantly. 

Why would users choose another platform, when they get the newest songs on Spotify? This application has a huge music score, and the users can find all kinds of genres here like K-Pop and Jazz. You can make playlists from the songs that you enjoy the most, and share them with others. 

Download Spotify mod APK

The MOD APK version of Spotify is like the Premium Spotify version, but it is free. When people download Spotify on their app and use it for free, the users are able to access music and listen to it, but they aren’t able to repeat or randomly play music. 


On the other hand, if they download Spotify MOD APK, they will enjoy the following features:

  • They can unlock Spotify content
  • They can listen to 320kbps music 
  • They can unlock repeat mode 
  • They can enable search 
  • Listen to any song that they want to 
  • Block the Spotify ads 
  • Unlimited shuffling is allowed 

If you want to download the MOD version on this app, you can do it from this link.  Moreover, this app supports Android, IOS, Mac, and Windows; this means you can access Spotify anywhere you want to. 

As for those who are wondering whether this app is safe or not, it is a safe application and it is a modified version of the original Spotify app. Before the app was posted for download, it was thoroughly tested. Another important thing to note here is that the free version of this app doesn’t allow the user to download music for offline use; they have to buy the Premium plan. If Spotify isn’t available in your country, then you can use a VPN for it to change the IP address.

The premium version of the MOD APK supports iOS, but the free version only supports Android devices. If you have an Android device, then you don’t have to worry about buying the premium version.

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