How to Download Minecraft For Windows 10?

Minecraft is a video game, which is compatible with Windows 10. This game is by Mojang, and initially, the game could be using a game controller.

However, now gamers who love this game, they can play It using a touch screen and Microsoft HoloLens. This edition of the game doesn’t have Java, and even though it runs on Windows 10 now, it hasn’t lost its game mechanic.

Download Minecraft For Windows 10

User still has to build their own world, and it is pretty open ended. The user can built houses, and other structures on various maps available to them. The user can play Minecraft on their own, or with multiple players.

For those who want to download Minecraft for Windows 10, this is the link. The main website of Minecraft offers two packs; starter collection and master collection.

Starter Collection

The starter collection costs $29.99, and it has 700 minecoins. In this starter pack, the user gets 2 skin packs, 1 texture pack, 1 mash-up pack and 1 world.

Master Collection

In this paid version of Minecraft that costs $49.99, the user gets access to 1000 minecoins, 4 skin packs, 1 texture pack, 1 mash-up pack and 6 worlds.


The user downloads Minecraft on Windows 10, then they can play this game with 8 other players. The main activity that people do in Minecraft is mining and crafting.

Download Minecraft For Windows 10

When players on this game mine gold, then they would be able to get supplies to craft a tool, make a home, get weapons and much more. The reason why players won’t get in this game is because, the environment is vast. The first thing that the player has to do is collect logs from trees.

Some of the blocks can’t be broken in this game, and this prevents the intruders from approaching the players. The players can also dig 4 layers from the ground, where they would find coal and iron. The player also gets to prepare their exploration by getting torches, swords and other necessary items.

New Features

For Windows 10, there are some new features that players would find very exciting:

  • It has become multiplayer, where the player can ask three other friends to play with them on local server
  • Skins for Minecraft and tools for customizing them
  • Changing the appearance of characters
  • Offline playing support

Adventurous Game

It is a very adventurous game, which players can play at their own time and speed. Players don’t have to feel the pressure to unlock any modes or make a big score; they don’t have to even worry about finishing quests.

This game is all about exploring your creative and adventurous side, which is why it is a good game for beginners and fans of Minecraft.

The Windows 10 version doesn’t deviate from the original version of the game, but many features have been to it to give the user a better experience. Minecraft is a fun game, which you should definitely download for Windows 10.

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