How to Download Last Day on Earth MOD APK?

Do you like games with doing or die situations? Survival games are indeed the best, and so is the Last Day on Earth MOD APK. This game has an apocalyptic theme, which is very popular, as it has zombies in it. 

However, this game is unlike any other zombie game, because of the visuals and the challenging levels. This is a zombie pandemic, where zombies are threatening the lives of the people.

The players have to run and fight them at the same time, but they can’t let themselves be turned into such monsters. You can make your own image; choose the gender of your character, appearance, and facial features.

When you enter this game, you will find many costumes for players, and this will further add to the appearance of the player. Moreover, the equipment that the player has access to, has its own power and helps the player in surviving the game.

The screen of the Game

When you explore the screen of the game, you get to see a joystick and operation buttons. You can build a house, and get a means of transportation and weapons for survival.

You will need to bring food and drink with you, and if you are carrying heavy equipment, then you need a backpack. 


In the latest update of Last Day on Earth MOD APK, the gamers get access to an event, called “Police Station”. In this event, the player has to break in the police station, and then kills the zombies there; after that, they can follow the sequence of tasks given to them, as this will give them more rewards.

New Enemies

If you think that you are going to get bored with zombies, then the game presents you with mutated police officers, people who have been put in prison, and all kinds of freaks.

This game is interesting, because the zombies are armed, and they have shields as well. You must download this game because it will provide you with exciting entertainment. The player will definitely love shooting the zombies, and getting any freak that gets in their way!

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