How to Download Fallout Shelter MOD APK?

Fallout Shelter is a simulation game, developed by Bethesda Softworks LLC. The size of this MOD APK version is 227 MB, and it is available for download on. This version was last updated on 2020/06/04, and it has all the latest features that a user might want. 

Apart from the usual features of this game, the MOD APK version of the app gives the gamer the following benefits:

  • Unlimited caps
  • No limit to food 
  • No limit to water consumption 
  • Unlimited energy 
  • There are infinite lunch boxes, and nothing decreases 

Background Story

The background story of this game revolves around the aftermath of a war. There is a war where only some can survive due to nuclear weapons. The shelters that people previously had, cannot protect them anymore. They need better protection and access to underground bases. 

However, as the resources start to deplete, the peaceful environment underground doesn’t remain the same. Some of the people underground are sent to the surface so that they can look for things like food and water. Much of the surface has been wiped out due to the nuclear war. There are mutated monsters on the surface, looking for prey, and that makes it difficult for the people who are on the surface. 

This is a simulation game, which has amazing graphics, and the main player of the game is going to be the commander of the underground shelter.


It is the duty of the commander to provide resources to the people stuck underground and protect them from attacks and other disasters. The player has to manage the underground base and the people and expand it as well. The commander has to get more resources for the people so that they can stay underground in the future.

There are so many features of Fallout Shelter MOD APK that you can enjoy. For example, you get to have an underground vault, with the help of new technologies.

You can engage with the dwellers on the base; find their strengths and weakness and then assign them tasks accordingly. There are many customizing options that you can benefit from in this game, like making a barbershop, or shops which sell clothes to people. This is a really exciting simulation game. 

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