How to Disable Windows Update?

When Windows update is set to automatic, it takes a lot of time to finish, and even cause changes in the OS, that the user might not like.

There is a way through which the user can disable Windows update from happening automatically. Before an update occurs, the OS has to take permission from the user.

Disable Windows Update Overview

Disable Windows UpdateDisable Windows Update


Disable Windows Update

Method 1

This method has a time limit; when implemented, it is going to, however, disable Windows update for a specific period of time. First, press the Windows logo key, with ‘R’, which will open the run box. Type ‘service.msc’ in it, and then press Enter. When you scroll down and see the Windows update option, double click on it. 

In the ‘Start Type’ option, choose the ‘Disabled’ option, and then click on ‘Apply’ and then ‘OK’. The setting changes that you have made are now saved. 

Method 2

If you want to try a different method, then go to the Settings menu of your PC. Choose the Update and Security option then Windows Update, and Advanced Options.

This option lets the user ‘pause updates’ till a date that they select. Under the Pause Updates option, the user is asked to choose a date, and before that, there will be no Windows updates. The user can keep on extending these dates if they don’t want Windows to update at all. 

Method 3

The user can set up a metered connection, in order to disable Windows update. If there is a Wi-Fi on your system, then a metered connection would only download and install updates, which are of the utmost priority. Go to Windows Settings, and then click on Network & Internet. Open Wi-Fi, and then click on ‘Manage Known Networks’. In the Properties section, you will see the option of Metered Connection; use the toggle to turn on this option. 

A metered connection is perfect for those users, who have limited data plan, and want control over how much data they use. 

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Why is this information Necessary?

Some people don’t mind when their Windows 10 or any other version updates. However, soon, they start noticing unexpected behavior from their operating system when these updates are installed. It is not necessary that only the OS updates; there are divers and application updates as well, which can disrupt the behavior of the OS. 

When the user knows that there is a backup on their PC, then they can easily protect themselves from the unexpected behavior of the installed updates.

Moreover, if you know what is going to be installed, then you can take measures to study the changes. This way, you will be able to backup important data, or make sure that it doesn’t slow down your work. 

Most of the time when you are about to do something important, that is exactly when these updates start. This can be particularly annoying for those, who can’t afford to miss a deadline.

However, this doesn’t mean that you don’t update Windows ever; such updates are important for the proper functioning of your system.

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