How to Delete “Uncategorized” Category in WordPress

When I was new on WordPress then I noticed that there is a category named “Uncategorized”. Basically Its a default category of WordPress. You can not just simply remove this category because, there is a little hard work to remove that “Uncategorized” category. Then I thought that there are many WordPress users might be annoying with this category just like me. So I try different ways to get rid of this category, obviously its really annoying. And guys I came up with this post, also with screenshots! Let’s get started.

Deleting “Uncategorized” Category in WordPress:

Well, It’s not too hard. When you first launch your WordPress site, everything you post is under the “Uncategorized” category until you change the default. Take a look at the screenshot below.Deleting Uncategorized Category in WordPress

So what will you do? Will you just leave as it is? Or Want to change this or delete this category? I think you might be thinking to delete this. Ok, follow the instructions carefully to delete this “Uncategorized” category.

  • First you need to create a new category. I typically create an “All” category. (Without a new category you cannot delete “Uncategorized”).
  • Okay time to create a new category, for this go to Posts >> Categories >> add name >> add slug >> no parents, add new category.

Deleting Uncategorized Category in WordPress 2

  • Here comes the best part, go to Settings >> writing.

Deleting Uncategorized Category in WordPress 3

  • In writing you will notice that “Uncategorized” is a default category by WordPress and is automatically selected as the category that all posts are written to.
  • For this “Click on uncategorized” and set it to your new category. (My category is All).

Deleting Uncategorized Category in WordPress 4

  • “Uncategorized” is no longer a category, It’s time to totally get rid of this category.
  • Go to Posts >> Categories >> Look for the uncategorized and delete it.

Deleting Uncategorized Category in WordPress 5

Note: Deleting a category does not delete the post in that category. Posts will be move to the default category.

I hope you like this post. Thanks for reading. Enjoy 🙂

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