How to become seller on Turbosquid?

How to become seller on Turbosquid?

Want to sell 3d models and want to become a sell on Turbosquid, so don’t need to waste of time Sign up here and selling 3d models online make money and become a seller. Need learning to upload or publish 3d models online on turbosquid and it is a marketplace to all over world anyone can sell their own 3d model and also become a seller.

Marketplace Turbosquid

What is marketplace on turbosquid? it is a marketplace where anyone can work and become seller or artist but need to learn 3d modeling in any software and need to provide format files like, blend, fbx, obj, dae, ply,…….etc.

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Selling 3D Models on TurboSquid

1st Step: Sign Up. In order to access artist uploading area, view dashboard, and get paid, we’ll need little information first.
2nd Step: Visit 3rd Step: Boost Own Sales. Beyond Publishing: Exploring More TurboSquid.

3rd Step: Become a seller on Turbosquid and make money online only need to sign up click to sign up.

  1. Make sure you content not copyright because it’s own privacy.
  2. Not copy description if artist saw your post he will complain to team of Turbosquid.
  3. Upload all requirements files and images with texture files.
  4. Not make 3d files in ZIP file it will not upload only upload 3d files direct.
  5. Only Texture file you can make it in ZIP files.
  6. Add category related to your 3d model like if you uploaded Car to make car category only.
  7. Tags also related to your 3d model.

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