How to Add MacOS frame to Your Screenshots

Creating a post with screenshots is kinda easy to understand method for your visitors. What about creating macOS window frame to your screenshot? Can’t afford/don’t like apple products? like Macintosh, iPhone, or iPad. But, still wanna inspire your viewers with different kind of screenshots. There is an extension named “Standardized Screenshot”. Standardized screenshot is a Chrome extension that takes screenshots of web-pages. The extension will not scroll a webpage and capture all of it, but it will resize the browser to 1366px. Frame the screenshot in a macOS Window frame. This extension is pretty cool and add a nice drop shadow all in one click.

First you need to install the extension and navigate the web page you want to capture. It’s time to click on the extension, but you need to wait a while as it resizes the Window and captures the current web page. Look at the screenshot below:

Techstribe testing standardized screenshot extension 3

It’s so simple to save an image. Right-click on the image that appears in a new tab and save it to your disk.Techstribe testing Standardized screenshot extension

It’s very important to know that Standardized screenshot extension will only capture what’s inside the Window but not the entire web page. The extension does not support for scrolling a web page nor can it work with screenshots captures from a different tool. All screenshot are saved in PNG format. The only criticism we have of the screenshot that it should allow the user to select the distance and length of the drop shadow.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and also will try this beautiful screenshot. Thanks for reading. 🙂

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