How to Add Disqus Comment System in Your WordPress Site

How to Add Disqus Comment System in Your WordPress Site

Disqus is a very beautiful commenting system. It can be installed on WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr and many other blogging platforms. Since WordPress is my favorite blogging platform, you will learn how to add Disqus commenting system in WordPress. Now, remember that this tutorial is only for not for, because in you can not add plugins. When you install WordPress on your domain name, your comment section looks like this.

Techstribe 3

as you can see, you need to give your name, email address, your website and your comment. This is the default comment system of WP. There are no options to use your Facebook, Twitter or Google account. With Disqus, you have the options to use your Facebook, Twitter and Google account. In addition to that, there are many other commenting features that Disqus commenting system provides.

Why Use Disqus Commenting System?

In one sentence, you should use it because it offers many features good for user experience.  And user experience is very important for site owners. The reason we use a great theme with a great logo, add many useful widgets, make our site colorful and add high-quality content, is because this stuff improves the user experience. With Disqus commenting system, you replace WordPress default commenting system with many useful features. Here is a quick list of Disqus commenting features:

  • This commenting system is very beautiful
  • You can upvote or downvote comments
  • It supports 70 languages, so you don’t have to worry if your site is in Arabic, etc.
  • This system is responsive, meaning it looks good on mobile, desktop and on tablets
  • You sort/filter comments, so it will show you comments which have most upvotes or it will show you latest comments
  • Disqus comes with a great moderation dashboard; from where you can manage comments.
  • It has a very strong system for detecting spammy comments
  • It shows commenters reputation and each commentator has their commenting profile on the system. This profile lists his comments on all sites which use Disqus
  • From its dashboard, you also have many analytics’ related features. You can see how many upvotes or comments you received on any date
  • Commenters can add photos and videos to their comments
  • It has a real-time commenting system. So whenever a new comment is posted, it shows you the comment right away

As you can see, Disqus commenting system has a lot of features. WordPress commenting system? Not so many. It is for these features and for user experience, that you should change your comment system to Disqus. If I have convinced, please read below to learn how to add Disqus comment system to your WordPress site.

How to Add Disqus Comment System to WordPress:

Well, adding Disqus commenting system is not such a hard task. If you really want this commenting system for your site/blog then I’m so excited to tell you guys you are at a right place. Here you will find complete step by step instructions with screenshots.

  • Install and activate Disqus comment system plugin provided by Disqus.
  • Next, go to your WordPress default comment system. Now you will also observe that there is a new commenting system has been installed “Disqus”.
  • Go to Disqus. And there you will be asked to enter username or email, and also your Disqus password. If you don’t have the Disqus account yet. then sign up for Disqus. Once you’ve logged in, then there’s nothing in your way to stop you adding this beautiful commenting system to your site.

Disqus ‹ Techstribe — WordPressKeep going by clicking on “Next”.Disqus Register site Techstribe

Set up Disqus on a new site. So, now simple as that fill this empty form. Enter your site’s name and also choose your unique Disqus URL e.g, Select a category. Then click next to continue with disqus.Setup Disqus Admin Techstribe

Click on “Yes, I understand Disqus is both comments and native ads” to continue. Choose a platform Settings Disqus Techstribe

Choose your platform. You need to click on WordPress. Disqus ‹ Techstribe — WordPress 2

Go back to your WP dashboard and then click on the comment section and select Disqus. Where you will be asked for your site on which you want to display Disqus commenting system. Disqus ‹ Techstribe — WordPress 3

Congratulations! Disqus has been installed on your site/blog. “Continue to the moderation dashboard” this link will take you to your Disqus dashboard.

Exporting/Importing comment to Disqus:

Once you have successfully installed Disqus on your WordPress site. But, your previous comments don’t show up. Oh no! don’t be upset I will walk you through this, So, this step is called Export/Import. If you have lots of previous comments and you want them to display. Then you just have to do this one and last thing.

  • Go to plugins section and click on “Installed plugins”
  • Look for Disqus comments system plugin.
  • Select settings.
  • Scroll down a little and there you go, you see there is an Import/Export section.
  • Simple click on export comments to Disqus. just as shown in the screenshot below:

Disqus ‹ Techstribe — WordPress 5

Simply export comments and have fun with this beautiful commenting system. After adding disqus commenting system to your site your site will look like this as shown in the screenshot below.Techstribe

Enjoy 🙂

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