How to add a widget to Blogger

This wiki teaches you to add a gadget to your Blogger blog, which is the Google term for a widget. Widgets add shortcuts or additional features to your blog, such as visitor counters or social media buttons / follow buttons.

How to add a widget to Blogger?

  1. Go to Blogger. Use the link on the left or type “” in the browser window.
  2. Click Sign In. This is in the upper right corner of the window.
  3. Log in with your Google ID. If your Google Account appears on the screen, click on it. Otherwise, click on the account.
  4. Enter your Google password and click sign in.
  5. Click on. This is the title of the blog that appears below the word “blogger” in the upper left corner of the window.
  6. Select a blog. In the drop-down menu, click the title of the blog to which you want to add a gadget. This will be in either the “Recent Blogs” or “All Blogs” section.
  7. Click Layout. This is on the left side of the window in the Blogger Dashboard menu.
  8. Scroll down and click Add a gadget. Select a button in this part of the layout when you show gadgets like cross column or sidebar.
  9. Scroll down and select a gadget. The set of gadgets that appear automatically is the “basics” of what a real blogger is all about.
  • Click More gadgets in the upper left corner of the window to see a list of available third party widgets for your blog.
  • Click Add yourself in the upper left corner of the window to add your widget using the URL.
  • To add a custom HTML or JavaScript widget, simply add the HTML / JavaScript gadget from the “Basics” menu and enter the widget code in the dialog box.
  • Click on. This is to the right of the gadget’s name.
  • Customize your gadget. Add or change the title of the gadget to how you want it to appear on your blog.
  • Add or edit any additional text or information, such as HTML or JavaScript code, that you need to make the widget work properly.
  • Click Save. This is in the lower-left corner of the dialog box.
  • Click Secure Management. This is the orange button in the upper right of the window. It saves your gadget and takes it directly to your blog.

How do I add plugins to Blogger?

In your Blogger Dashboard, click Layout, and then click Add Gadget in the sidebar area. Select the HTML / JavaScript gadget from the list and paste your inline code into the widget

How do I change my Blogger email?

Changing Blogger Login Email Address

  1. Log in to your Blogger account for which you want to change your login email id.
  2. Now go to Blogger Dashboard> Settings> Basics> Permissions section.
  3. Click Add Authors + and send the author’s invitation to your new email id.


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