How & Why Use MightyText To Send SMS from PC

It’s time for MightyText. I’ve written about Pushbullet, AirDroid and MySMS. I hope you have experienced all of these, but as we know there is nothing perfect in this world. MightyText is an another way that I know to send SMS from your PC by using your phone number. Isn’t that amazing Yes! Why do I like MightyText the most? Because MightyText is full responsive app and easy to understand there is nothing like MightyText. MightyText is also available in extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer and you can also simply launch the MightyText web app. In this post I will tell you how & why use MightyText to send SMS from PC. Well Let’s get started.

Why use MightyText to send SMS from PC:

Most of the people firstly asks that why should they use. It’s not because they are not gonna like, it’s because they are curious to know more. I’m gonna give you a simple and easy to understand example. Imagine you are at work, your boss is very strict and you are not allowed to answer any call or SMS by your phone. If you answered unfortunately you are gonna fired. Then what you gonna do? Don’t worry it’s just an example, there is a way to connect all of your devices with your PC. If you don’t want to lose your job, you need to install MightyText app in your phone & Tablet, and add MightyText extension in your browser, by setting up your MightyText account you will simply connected with all of your devices. Here are some features of MightyText that you’ll love.

  • Stay Connected with all of your devices. Send and receive SMS & MMS using your computer/tablet with your current phone number. Your messages are synchronized.
  • Get notifications on your computer from any app such as Whatsapp, Instagram and Snapchat. You can dismiss any notification on your desktop.
  • Photos and videos are also synchronized.
  • Phone battery alerts, from your Web app or tablet app know exactly how much battery life it has left.
  • Send links photos and maps to your phone.
  • Text directly from Gmail. Just like Google chat/hangout window messages will display from Gmail on your computer.
  • Edit photos with filters by adding Instagram-like filters, frames stickers and more.

How to use MightyText:

Now it’s time for how to sue MightyText? For this you need to concentrate on the following instructions carefully.

  • First you need to install MightyText app in your Android Phone. Here is an APK file for MightyText.
  • Open the app and select your desired Google account and then press the complete setup.
  • After that go to your computer, and add an extension of MightyText in your browser.
  • That’s all you are done!

How to use MightyText in Gmail:

With MightyText you can also send messages with your Gmail account. For this you need to install MightyText app in your phone, and then add Gtext extension in your browser. Once added then you will see “Compose SMS” button beneath the “Compose” button in your Gmail account.

MightyText Gmail


So i hope you enjoyed this post Thanks for reading this post. Enjoy 🙂

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