Hotel Empire Tycoon MOD APK Free Download

Surely not all of us, but most of us have always wished of becoming the manager of a luxury hotel, right? Are you one of those people? I won’t lie to you but once I had this wish too.

But do you know? It is not simple at all, being the manager of one of the most luxurious hotels. And without experience, I think it is nearly impossible.

I have one game to introduce to you, it is called Hotel Empire Tycoon, released by “Codigames”.

If you play this game, mod apk you will be managing a very huge and luxurious hotel of your own in this game. You will have to manage each and everything regarding the hotel business. So, are you ready to become a Hotel Empire Tycoon?

When you will start playing this game, you will start by managing and operating a small hotel. Remember, working hard will surely grow your business quickly.

Time by time, you will be able to expand the rooms of your hotel, add luxurious furniture and decorate your hotel with outstanding designs. Enhance all the facilities to make your guests the people staying at your hotel much more satisfied by providing them with the best leisure and fun activities.

You will be in charge of human resources, manage your staff effectively and look after your guests carefully. For the VIP customers of your hotel, hire some lifeguards for your pool for the safety of these VIP guests, provide drives and massage staff.

Think before taking any action into your business and take your decisions very carefully. Hire a great working staff for all your guests and do anything necessary to make your guests happy.



As I have explained above that in this game you have to serve the tourists and guests and for that, money and gems are necessarily needed. So with this modded apk version of this game, you get these following features:

  • Unlimited Gems
  • An infinite amount of Money
  • Shop anything from the store, all for free.

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