Horse Riding Tales MOD APK for Android

Horse Riding Tales MOD APK

Horse Riding Tales MOD APK

Horse Riding Tales MOD APKTHE Horse Riding Tales MOD APK is the game of your dreams. Begin your adventure from humble stable hand to dressage hotshot! .Join our steed adoring on the web world where you can tweak your character.

In Horse Riding Tales MOD APK you can tame lovely ponies, carry them to your firm and train them. In Horse Riding Tales MOD APK you can be testing show bouncing championships.

WELCOME TO MEADOWCROFTA little, hundreds of years old town encompassed by moving fields. And large, open fields. Lethargic. Rural. Unspoiled. Loaded with creatures of all shapes and sizes.

Heaven of harmony and serenity. A town with energy for ponies that is as old as the establishments it was based on. Home to Layla, modest stable hand. A young lady who, however, encompassed by ponies every single day.

Has never yet sat on the back of one. Yet all that is going to change in Horse Riding Tales MOD APK RIDE WITH YOUR FRIENDS. Ride your pony as a young lady with every one of your companions.

With due to a behind of this game because to cause here as you set out on experiences to investigate the edges of your ranch and past in great 3D!


  • CUSTOMISATION Create an astonishing search for you in Horse Riding Tales MOD APK.
  • Your pony as you vies for magnificence in the Meadowcroft Show Jumping Competitions.
  • From protective caps and jodhpurs for you – and saddles, leg wraps and veils for your steed.
  • There are a vast number of looks you can create inĀ  Horse Riding Tales MOD APK .
  • TAME BEAUTIFUL HORSES Create an enchanted bond with wild ponies.

Horse Riding Tales MOD APK


For example, the Mustang, Dapple Gray and Appaloosa as you tame and care for them. Setting up the stallion to be riding as you set out on your questing.

In Horse Riding Tales MOD APK the riddle of the famous dream sky riders. Supernatural Pegasus and Unicorn steeds that once meandered.

Indiscriminately in the sanctuary over the clouds. JOIN THE SHOW JUMPING and DRESSAGE ACADEMY in Horse Riding Tales MOD APK.

Play This Game: Tooth Fairy Horse

How to play

You might be welcome to join the esteemed Meadowcroft riding foundation. A school that is seen incalculable a vast number of equestrians go through its doors and over its prairies.

Go up against different understudies in equestrian rivalries as you reveal the puzzle of the sky riders. CRAFT ITEMS. Explore the world and my assets to make lovely adornments for your pony.

For example, saddles, harnesses, covers and more! .Horse Riding Tales MOD APK Complete horse care journeys by making feed, horseshoes. And different things for your steed to keep her cheerful.

The more joyful your creature, the better it will hop in equestrian occasions. Something beyond a test system. This game takes portable equestrian sports to another level!


Foxie Ventures might want to invite you to the Horse Riding Tales family! .We will include loads of new substances, from a Shetland horse to more dream Pegasus.

And unicorn ponies to testing rearing missions. Commencement your intuitive experience and download free today! Pony Riding Tales is allowed to play some discretionary in-game things yet may require installment.

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