How to download Hills of Steal MOD APK for Android

This action-filled game is available on Google Play for download, and you can get the APK version on Google by simply searching for it. Installing the game is pretty easy and straightforward, and you can install it like you do any other app.

The Hills of Steal game is one of the most exciting and adrenaline-fueled racing games on the market today. Whether you’re trying to get over a treacherous cliff or zooming along a winding roller coaster track, this game always keeps you on your toes.

How to download Hills of Steal MOD APK for Android?

With stunning 3D graphics and realistic sound effects, the Hills of Steel game gives you the ultimate thrill ride experience. Whether you’re playing competitively against your friends or just looking for a solo adventure, this is one racing game that you won’t want to miss! So why wait? Buckle up and start racing today!

The size of the game is 59MB, and the best part of downloading the MOD version is that you get unlimited money. The platform that this game needs is Android 4.4 and above.

The name sounds boring, doesn’t it? Well, don’t judge a book by its cover. This game is a highly addictive game for those, who like rules of Physics. The best part is that you get to drive a tank, race through the hills and kill the enemies. If you like driving heavy vehicles and shoot at stuff, then download this game on your Android device!

Hills of Steel MOD APK

Hills of Steel MOD APK

Tank Rules

There are 9 tanks in this game that you can take into battle, which include modern tanks like Mammoth, Joker, Titan, and Phoenix. Every tank has its own weapon, like Cobra has a basic gun, and Reaper has a Gatling gun. 

Cobra and Joker are high mobility tanks, which come with low damage, and using a saw blade with them is the right choice. These tanks can bear continuous damage, while you meet the enemy on the battlefield. If you don’t want anything to happen to your tank, you have to shoot from a distance.

A popular mode within this tank game is Reaper’s playstyle, and for this mode, you have to use a powerful close-up tank, which will completely destroy the enemy’s tank.


You can play this amazing game for free, but if you want a better experience, then you can make
an in-app purchase. In an APK version, you will get unlimited money and you can unlock the Titan
tank. This tank has more steel and will let you race through the hill very efficiently. Moreover,
you can even unlock the Joker tank, which is light and fast.

The Joker tank is a really good tank for players, who want to flip it and do different tricks. With the help of some extra money, you can unlock the Phoenix tank, and you will be happy to know that it spits fire.

When you have money because of the APK version, then you will be able to tune and maintain your tank. The better the tank, the more you will be able to rise up the ranks.

The upgrade option within these tanks gives your tank special abilities. They assist you in battle, and you can take part in activities like bombing, self-healing and land mines. There are six different upgrades for each tank available in the game, and you have to choose the upgrade according to the purpose of the tank.

This game becomes interesting when you shoot people and rise up in the ranks. If you want to become a general, then you really have to put all your knowledge into this game. This game will become very interesting when you flip the tank you are driving.

Mod Hacked

Upgrading your tank will help you move faster on the hill, and the tank will be able to bear more damage as well. When you defeat your enemies, you can collect war loot as well. The only thing you have to focus on is surviving and driving your tank in the best way possible.

There are other tanks as well that you can access.  Barracuda is a tank that has a rocket launcher, and it’s very lethal. The reaper tank is a really cool tank, while Titan is the giant among all the tanks. You can buy a supercharged electric executor, which is called Tesla.

The mightiest of all tanks in this game is Mammoth. Suffice to say that, when you start playing this game, you will be lost in the new things that Hills of Steel throws your way.

Do you have what it takes to flip the tank? You can drive using the back wheels of the tank and this will be one of your great

PvP Mode

This mode is the most exciting because you get to fight another player in a one on one match. The match lasts for 60 seconds, and if both tanks survive the attacks, then the clock will launch a sudden death.

The vehicle with the lowest blood pressure will automatically lose. This is a multiplayer game, so if you want to play with your friends, you can do so. You can make your own team, build tactics, and cooperate between players.

In the adventure mode, you have to not only shoot down all your enemies but destroy the boss as well. However, time is not limited in this mode. You will love the 2D graphics style in Hills of Steel along with the sound effects.


This game is simple but very interesting. It has the same appeal, that you must have felt when you played Angry Birds and Hill Climb Racing. This game is exciting because you get to control a tank and have to take it through different hurdles. This is a free game, but if you want a coin pack and gems, you have to purchase them. 

When enemies come within the firing range, you have to shoot them. However, it is not that simple, because the laws of physics in this game are very different. You might have to take your tank on a tiny hill, where it gets overturned, or run with 2 front wheels. 

This game involves physics and destruction. When you are driving a heavy vehicle on the tank, then it might tilt sometimes, or go through a slope. This is where the real test of your gaming abilities comes in.

You can have better engine power and guns, but you have to download the APK version for better resources. You can get a heavy armor to safeguard yourself from the enemies, by just tuning the tank you are driving.

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