Google wants you to update Chrome to avoid new security risks

It’s been less than a month since Chrome 81 was released, but Google has already made another update after confirming two new high-security risks.

Google released Chrome 81 to make the system more secure. Unfortunately, this is not happening as planned. More recently, tech giants are facing new security threats that could take over the cybercriminal compromise system.

Google Chrome threats

Security vulnerabilities discovered are free errors after use. The term free after use refers to when a person tries to access memory after being free. It can crash programs in the system.

But in the case of Chrome, these vulnerabilities are vulnerabilities that the system can exploit using arbitrary codes or full remote codes. Attackers can use these codes to capture vulnerable browsers. Because of this, Google wants everyone to update their Chrome browser as soon as possible.

The detected hazards are CVE-2020-6462 and CVE-2020-6461. These vulnerabilities primarily affect browsers’ data storage capabilities and task scheduling. According to Prithukumar Bomna, Google’s technical program manager, a researcher at Kyushu 360, Xi Jinhi detected the threats. He was rewarded with 10,000 for his discovery.

It should be noted that the Kihu 360 was about to discover the weakness of the previous one which prompted Google to update on April 15. Criminal strategy Google has issued a gag order on the full details of the threats. However, once millions of Chrome users have updated their browsers, the company will release full details.

There is little detail on the severity of these problems. But because CVE-2020-6461 affects storage, attackers can create malicious web pages and manipulate users to visit them. Also, attackers can use the same CVE-2020-6462 error exploitation method that focuses on task scheduling.

Official warning

Google is not the only one pushing everyone to update their Chrome browser. The government has also acknowledged the threats. In fact, the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) is advising everyone to update their browsers as soon as possible so that they do not fall prey to attackers.

What can you do?

The update will eventually come to every Chrome browser. But it can take a long time before that happens. That’s why people should activate the update manually and not wait for it to come out automatically.

This can be done by visiting the Google Chrome section of the browser. This will show people what version of Chrome they currently have. If a new version is found, the browser recommends an update, and everyone will have to agree on it.

How to update Google Chrome?

Although the Chrome Web Browser automatically notifies users of the latest available version, it is recommended that users manually activate the update process by following these steps.

  1. Open Google Chrome on your Windows or Mac computer.
  2. In the very top right corner, click on the “Three Dots” icon.
  3. In the resulting drop-down menu, select Help> About Google Chrome menu options. Just opening this page will start the update process.
  1. After updating the browser, you may need to click the Release button to reopen Chrome.

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