38+ Currently Working Google Subdomains

Google Subdomains: Google has the many subdomains approximately 75+ it means Google subdomains have been working for a long time.

In this post, you will get the good list of the Google subdomains, and I hope the list will be helping as you want.

So guys! the Google Subdomains list below.

Let’s Begin.

38+ Currently Working Google Subdomains




Unique Visitors

1 www.google.com Web Search 126,269,804
2 images.google.com Image Search 43,023,240
3 maps.google.com Google Maps 36,914,6
4 mail.google.com Gmail Google Mail 24,895,354
5 news.google.com Google News 13,356,758
6 video.google.com Google Video 10,204,587
7 books.google.com Google Books 7,927,748
8 clients1.google.com 6,706,051
9 picasaweb.google.com Picasa Web Albums 5,298,616
10 groups.google.com Google Groups 4,635,581
11 suggestqueries.google.com Google Suggest 3,474,637
12 docs.google.com Google Docs 3,350,849
13 translate.google.com Google Translate 2,894,445
14 earth.google.com Google Earth 2,569,757
15 spreadsheets.google.com Google Spreadsheets 2,528,648
16 scholar.google.com Google Scholar 1,959,375
17 ap.google.com Associated Press 1,889,635
18 finance.google.com Google Finance 1,858,152
19 toolbar.google.com Google Toolbar 1,767,647
20 partnerpage.google.com Google Start Page 1,764,685
21 video-stats.video.google.com 1,623,872
22 pack.google.com Google Pack 1,507,250
23 adwords.google.com Google AdWords 1,412,911
24 answers.google.com Google Answers 1,277,980
25 checkout.google.com Google Checkout 1,239,261
26 sites.google.com Google Sites 1,237,010
27 blogsearch.google.com Google Blog Search 1,229,263
28 code.google.com Hosted Code Libraries 1,049,731
29 picasa.google.com Picasa Software 978,392
30 dl.google.com Google Downloads 973,467
31 feedproxy.google.com FeedBurner 959,884
32 desktop.google.com Google Desktop Search 951,090
33 services.google.com 635,560
34 talkgadget.google.com Googel Talk Gadget 506,306
35 fusion.google.com Google IG Subscribe 496,913
36 clients.google.com 470,176
37 gmail.google.com Gmail 443,869
38 l.google.com 431,403
39 afp.google.com Agence France Presse 412,095
40 sketchup.google.com Google Sketchup 411,761

The Domains has a value able to control any website and migrate one into another platform to be replace, it should work as the server, so Google subdomains has many that is shown above the list it would increase it but unfortnelty I didn’t, that’s Why I would share new post as related.

What are Subdomains???

Subdomains are that a website has only techstribe.com a company wants to add the new features of the website it should increase the value of the company and what company would take? it takes the subdomain as like app.techstribe.com it is not working now but I will improve it to do.

FAQ’s Of Subdomains

  • Are the Subdomains Value in the Market?
  • Yes, it has.
  • What is the Value Of subdomain in the Market?
  • It depends on the Company and blog interested.
  • While a Person would take all subdomain to rank?
  • Yes, It will.
  • Can Subdomain Rank easily?
  • No, the subdomain will rank, first of all, a website should be ranked in the Market.
  • Why Google Has Many subdomains?
  • Google wants to ranks in the World.
  • Will coming soon the Google Made 1000 subdomains.
  • Depends on the Google, If Google would get the all places of the old websites as like Yahoo, Bing, other. so, Google has the authority to get all places as before not be taken, anyone.

Why I can publish the post about google because google going to top worldwide company and per day earn The software company found Google earning $100 million a day through AdWords in Q3, serving 5.5 billion impressions per day on search pages and 25.6 billion impressions per day on the Google Display Network.

With $10.86 billion in ad revenue last quarter, we know that Google is making $121 million per day from ads.

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