How Does elgooG Work? [News of Google Mirror]

What Really is Google Mirror?

Google Mirror is a website of Google Search but why is it different? Because it is flipped horizontally completely. elgooG (Google spelled backward). You are going to have information about How Does elgooG Work? [News of Google Mirror].

Each and everything there is rotated horizontally, search bar, results, each and everything. It was created by All Too Flat just for fun but this website started to gain popularity in the year it was launched, 2002.

This website is an image of Google, but backward. It is a working search engine too, you can type about what you wanna search about like the way you normally do on Google, but here you have to type backward too.

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How Does elgooG Work?

How Does elgooG Work?
How Does elgooG Work?

For Example, if you wanna search, “Doggy” you’d have to write “yggoD

Just about every page you visit here on this site is mirrored. A complete Google but flipped backward. The only thing that you cannot do with the Google Mirror is to set another language rather than English.

Because it seems like the Google Mirror interface can’t accept the cookies Google requires to set language preferences.

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ElgooG is a comedy website created and hosted by the same All Too Flat.

What Really is Google Mirror
What Really is Google Mirror

Though elgooG is not affiliated with Google, appears in the fine print at the bottom of the elgooG search screens.

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Even though this site is intended for funny purposes only, it has been maintained for many years and is time by time updated to reflect changes done on the Google website itself.

How Does elgooG Firewall?

How Does elgooG Firewall
How Does elgooG Firewall

Using the “Great Firewall” of China, China censors the internet and blocks websites which seem or does something inappropriate.

It is heard that Google was blocked by the Chinese government and a scientist reports that elgooG was not blocked. No news on whether the site elgooG is still processing in China or not, but maybe it is blocked now by the Chinese government.

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