Top 10 Best Google Chrome Extension for Developer [Must Read]

The Google Chrome extension has been rounding and including the best more ever to help the developer within a few seconds just must install in the browser, then it will have been done all thing just a second.

When the Google Chrome extension is running on any server so, we can find it easily, therefore, today I’ve decided to talk with the new topic which has on 10 Best Google Chrome Extension for Developer [Must Read] why we must read? Because nowadays, I’m doing new and more update on TechsTribe, however, must read this post, I’ve reached the top rank and wanna share some new ideas.

One of the reasons for Chrome to be popular among all kinds of users, whether consumers or developers, is the vast collection of plugins and extensions on the Chrome web store.

Which reason is forcing to take it in the browser? when are we searching something as like as How to Write an Article? and we can not find the simple or the best way to get a good website whose have written the best post on it, that’s why we need to take some extensions to solve this type of problem.

Google Chrome Extension has created one of the most popular places in the hearts of the Internet users, and I hope you might be using because nowadays, Google Chrome is as a primary browser.

One of the reasons for Google Chrome Extension to be popular among all kinds of users, whether consumers or developers.

10 Best Google Chrome Extension for Developer

Guys! we have done about introduce, and now going to share the 10 Best Google Chrome Extension for Developer.

Let’s Begin with step by step:

Google Chrome Extension

In this post, I’m going to tell about 10 Best Google Chrome extension for a developer, and I might you must be read this one and should not be missed if you get it from anywhere or using the source.

Guys! we’ve lots of ways to find the good source which will give us the better result than before we did not do, however, when we are searching something new ideas as like Google Chrome extension but now it has for a developer why? Google Chrome extensions and tools which make our daily tasks less of a chore. With the built-in developer tools.

Let’s come to see one by one 10 Best Google Chrome extension for a developer.

Let’s Begin

#1. Usersnap

 Usersnap Chrome extension

The  Usersnap Chrome extension has been giving to capture any web page or common thing from any website in your browser. Usersnap chrome extension will have been done all thing if you installed in the browser, we cannot define the best way but this one to capture the point what we want to take from the web page to take direction while using a Usersnap Chrome extension.

Usersnap is an award-winning bug tracking and feedback tool, featured by Inc.


  • Giving the quick response to capture any type of web page point.
  • Taking updates on a daily basis.
  • Best performance when using.
  • A starting point is looking great.
  • Usersnap on a daily basis to work together on web projects.
  • It is loved by companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft.

#2. Web Developer

web developer

The web developer extension for Chrome adds a little toolbar with different tools available whose tools have not been looking before when we take it on our browser to use, therefore, I chose web developer to give all things who I wanted.

With almost a million users and a 4.5-star rating, it’s safe to say that Web Developer is one of Google Chrome’s best extensions for web developers.


  • Designers as well as programmers.
  • It allows you to do a lot of more than the standard Chrome Inspector.
  • Using time it needs to take some action.
  • Outline of elements.
  • Display rules.

Additional Information

  • Version: 0.5
  • Updated: August 10, 2017
  • Size: 1.09MiB
  • Language: English (United States)


#3 Wappalyzer


The Wappalyzer extension is distributing the WordPress, PHP, jQuery, language which need for a developer to design any type of website, whatever.

Google Chrome extension that allows the developer to identify the various technologies that make up the back end of a website.

Wappalyzer has been including the more update for a developer to impress them just a few moments.


  • Wappalyzer is an open-source and cross-platform.
  • Over 1000 technologies.
  • “Including content management systems”
  • Web frameworks.
  • Server software.

Additional Information

  • Version: 5.4.14
  • Updated: April 20, 2018
  • Size: 1.72MiB
  • Languages: See all 15

#4 Window Resizer

Window Resizer

The Window Resizer Chrome extension will give the good result when we might try in our browser and what and which type of new design will we get?

If the Window Resizer Chrome extensions will have done everything as the new result if the that will be better so, we must try and share with our friends.

We can change the size of our desktop and also, include the mobile or iPad look.

The most common screen sizes are available (for laptop, desktop, and mobile).


  • Lets you resize your browser window on the fly.
  • Window Resizer is that it offers an option to launch it as a pop-up.
  • Easy to use.
  • You might like the size those wanted.
  • As wish like to control.

Additional Information

  • Version: 2.6.0
  • Updated: September 4, 2017
  • Size: 490KiB
  • Language: English

#5 Page Ruler

Page ruler extension

The Page ruler On of the topmost extension to give the size with page dimensions what we want to get with use page ruler.

Page Ruler lets you draw out a ruler to any page and displays the width, height, and position of it.

While the page ruler will be working fine as less the time requires becoming to us.


  • Draw a ruler to any page and view the width, height, and top, bottom, left and right position
  • Drag the edges of the ruler to resize it.
  • Use the arrow keys to move and resize the ruler
  • Show guides extending from the ruler edges
  • Manually update the size and position of the ruler from the toolbar to make precision changes
  • Enable “Element Mode” to outline elements on the page as you move your mouse over them
  • Navigate to parents, children and sibling elements of any measuring element.

Additional Information

  • Version: 2.1.5
  • Updated: April 2, 2018
  • Size: 202KiB
  • Languages: See all 8

#6 CSSViewer

CSSViewer extension

The CSSViewer Chrome extension mostly using for a developer while we didn’t try it, however, the new version has launched already.

To enable CSSViewer, simply click the toolbar icon and then hover any element on you want to inspect in the current page.

  • CSSViewer will not work in any opened tabs before installing it nor in the Google Chrome store (This is how Google roll 🙂 –
  • The style may break sometimes depending on the site you are surfing.
  • Patches are welcome

#7 WhatFont

WhatFont chrome extension

The WhatFont Chrome extension has become a part of improving the font which what the basic font must be needed to take from using the source as like chrome extension.

WhatFont will improve the basic fonts on any website and also, allow to use in a browser of Google Chrome.

What is the easiest way to find out the fonts used in a webpage? Firebug and Webkit Inspector are easy enough to use for developers. However, for others, this should not be necessary.

With this extension, you could inspect web fonts by just hovering on them. It is that simple and elegant.


The best features of What font chrome extension are as follows:

  • Restructured source code

  • Supported font services detection for Typekit and Google Font API

  • Fixed toolbar button bug.

  • The second click is now “Exit WhatFont

#8 ColorZilla


The ColorZilla Chrome extension is being given the simple and the best ways whose we didn’t get from anywhere, therefore, I wanna include the ColorZilla chrome extension in this list.

ColorZilla, one of the most popular Firefox developer extensions with over 5 million downloads is finally available for Chrome!


Becoming a part of the features of ColorZilla are as follows:

  • Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator
  • Webpage Color Analyzer – get a color palette for any site
  • Palette Viewer with 7 pre-installed palettes
  • Color History of recently picked colors
  • Displays element information like tag name, class, id, size etc.
  • Auto copy picked colors to a clipboard
  • Keyboard shortcuts

Very powerful and works for so many great uses. The most recent round of updates fixes a few long-standing irritating bugs and I can’t wait to continue using this extension!


#9 MySQL Admin

MySQL Admin

The MySQL Admin chrome extension has been migrating your website as you wish to convert somewhere and using the source of MySQL Admin where must be taken.

Chrome MySQL Admin provides you the administration GUI of MySQL server. It is like phpMyAdmin, Sequel Pro.


  • Create and delete the index.
  • Create and delete the database.
  • Display the foreign keys of the selected table.
  • Create and delete the foreign keys.
  • Create, delete and list up procedures and functions.
  • Display each statistics graph of your MySQL server.

#10 XDebug Helper

Xdebug helper

The XDebug Helper chrome extension will have been provided the new service which we wanted to get as a developer.

A must-have for everyone thats debugging, profiling and tracing PHP code with Xdebug. This extension will help you to enable/disable debugging, profiling and tracing easily, instead of juggling around with POST/GET variables or cookies.


  • Ctrl+Shift+X (Cmd+Shift+X on Mac) opens the popup.
  • Alt+Shift+X toggles the debugging state…

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