How To Use Google Analytics Code in Blogger?

The first time you sign in to Google Analytics, you will promote to change save your communication preferences. If you don’t want Google Analytics to send you email, uncheck all the boxes. I have the tutorials to Use Google Analytics Code in Blogger and I hope you will try it for your blogger. Most of the peoples want to check their analytics of their blogger if they have not the many traffic. I am getting errors in Google Tag Manager, detailed below. First things first – head over to Google and get a Google Analytics account. If you already have a Google account you can log in with your Google credentials. Once you have logged in, follow Use Google Analytics Code in Blogger. If you don’t have Edit permission on the account, you won’t see the Create new property option. Check that you’ve selected the correct account in the account column.

Use Google Analytics Code in Blogger

Now, ready for understanding the tutorials for using the Google Analytics code in blogger. I hope you have very interested to read this post because I have the screenshots for this tutorials.Your property is created after you click this button, but you must set up the tracking code to collect data.

Let’s begin!

  1. Sign your blogger and also sign in the Google email.
  2. Search Google Analytics and sign up for the Analytics
  3. Use Google Analytics Code
  4. Sign up for the Analytics
  5. Use Google Analytics code in blogger
  6. Fill these all steps
  7. Use Google Analytics code in blogger
  8. Click on Accept
  9. Now you will get Tracking ID: UA-122967736-1
  10. Then, you have to keep on your blogger
  11. Go to blogger settings 
  12. Then click on Others
  13. use google anazlytics code in blogger
  14. Now! you can check your Analytics

I hope you have understood my all points and I hope you didn’t get the misunderstanding and if you have any problem or issue and misunderstanding so you may also contact us.

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