How To Fix Robots txt in Blogger?

Welcome to blogger’s world for learning and getting today I want to understand you to How To Fix Robots txt in Blogger? and I hope you have interested to understand it. Incorrect use of this feature can result as in your blogger and it will ignore your blogger’s problems. We will make sure it has done correctly by TechsTribe. For better performance of our blog, we need to optimize it for better SEO. A better SEO is also needed to get organic traffic from Fix Robots txt in Blogger. One great step towards a better SEO is adding the robots.txt file to your blog. It tells the search engines crawlers about what Fix Robots txt in Blogger to crawl and what not to. In Blogger (Blogspot) we have the option to customize the robots.txt.

How To Fix Robots txt in Blogger?

The file according to our needs. But before adding it to your blog firstly as a beginner we need to know about what is the Fix Robots txt in Blogger file. The Robots.txt is a file which tells the search engine crawlers what page to crawl and what not to. Simply, you can exempt your blog demo pages, label pages, archive pages and other which you don’t consider as important. Search engine crawlers always scan the robots.txt file before crawling any Fix Robots txt in Blogger.

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Let’s begin!

  1. Sign in your blogger and if you haven’t any blogger so first, create a blogger
  2. Go to the Blogger Settings
  3. Click on Search Preference you may also check a screenshot
  4. Fix Robots txt in Blogger
  5. Check their somethings have written about Fix Robots txt in Blogger
  6. Click on Edit which I have been disabling
  7.  Fix Robots txt in Blogger
  8. Have you fix your robots.txt in your blogger

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