Top 3+ games of Five Dice for Android (download now)

In this post, I would be interested to write on top 3+ games of Five Dice for Android it means you can download this game through TechsTribe but whenever the new game comes in the market we try to write in no time.

Let’s start to download Five Dice for Android.

Top 3+ games of Five Dice for Android

I hope you’ve got my idea that in which type of post I got to write for you.

As soon as the post will have the end you will be getting a good enjoyment by reading Top 3+ games of Five Dice for Android.

1. Five Dice! Paid for Android

Five Dice! Paid for Android
Main image of it

I have found Five Dice! Paid for Android is on the top by following the play store result but you will be downloaded by reaching on it.

This is a good game we can say because of the developer is having a good ability to make whatever he like for us as entertainment.

What of it’s features? It means what we will get in the paid game although the free version you will get in this post after completing about it.


  • 4 Game Modes:
    • Traditional, Russian Roulette, Sequential & Plus.
  • 3 Dice Positions:
    • An across the top, across the bottom & bottom left.
  • 4+ hints:
    • You can get 4 hints for free by purchasing or using Five Dice! Paid for Android.

2. Five Dice! Free for Android

Free Dice!

Use your skill to maximize your score by playing it safe, or throw caution to the wind and try to rack up multiple Five Dice for Android.

In the second part, you will get free version of Five dice for Android what! really? let’s discuss about free version.

Five Dice! is a dice game very similar to YAHTZEE*, Yachty, Yatzy, & others. It follows the rules of Yahtzee closely. Five Dice! has a simple, intuitive interface & is a great go-to for a quick distraction when you’re standing in line, waiting for an appointment, or just have a couple of minutes (or hours!) of downtime.


  • Five dice for Android is having same features due to the reason of the developer.

3. Five Dice! Plus Paid for Android

I’ve been receiving some requests from my lovely audience whoever would be interested to have some funny games those are belong to Android.

Why the developer developed Five Dice! Plus Paid for Android? Is there any reason which must be for making?

No one who got the developer idea that what the developer want by making Five Dice! Plus Paid for Android?

It’s simple – use only one or two rolls & the remaining rolls from that turn are added to the next. If you don’t use all the rolls from the next turn, the left-overs are added to the next.


By taking the Five Dice for Android and discussing about features of it.

  • 2 Game Screen
    • Layouts, plus 3 dice layouts (across the top, across the bottom, or bottom left)
  • Screen color customizer
    • (Accessible through Options screen)
  • 2 player network game mode
    • play against another player on another device on a local network
  • Multiplayer
    • (up to 10 players) on the same device.

4. Five Dice! Plus Free

This one is also having free version because of the stranger people whoever is asking to make it and having some reason on it.

I would like it to stop automatically closing the game if there are still rolls left. I’ve lost points just by checking the score before finishing my run. If you have a setting to prevent this.


  • It has same features as the paid version I told.

I won’t waste more time.

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