Firefox Browser Mod APK (FULL AND FINAL) for Android

Firefox Browser Mod APK is an old but best browsers in all the browsers. I m using it for 3 years. It speed is fast than all upgrade new browser. Now talk officially. Firefox is available and supported for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Firefox is also available and supported for android iOS, through some differences between these two and desktop version of the browser.

Firefox Browser Mod APK

Firefox Browser Mod APK

The latest version of Firefox is usually available for free BSD but has no official support, and older versions are available for the operating system including memo and others. How does Firefox look in mobile phone.

The browser has a resemblance to Firefox for windows, but it has an interface suited for mobile devices. For instance page can he opened simultaneously in the form of tabs, which you can access by tapping the number icon next to the address bar. It’s an institutive way to control multiple tabs without filling the screen.

Another neat feature of Firefox for android is its support for Firefox sync. This grants you access to all the bookmarks. History and running tabs of the desktop version of Firefox, so you don’t have to worry about entering address manually.


Firefox Browser Mod APK

  • Customize and display your Firefox for android home panels however, you like. Add new web content anytime and access your favorite feed.
  • Customize your favorite browser just the way you like it including add blocker and more.
  • Get to the internet faster, with quick startup and page load time.
  • Over 59 supported language can be easily selected through the browser setting.
  • Keep your browsing safe and private control your privacy , security and how much data you share on the web.


The web authentication API allows users running android N or newer to sign into a website with a hardware token or even a finger print enabling password free authentication

Q: what is Firefox pocket?
A:pocket is a service that allows you to share a special set of bookmarks from device to device, as long as they are all running Firefox. Click the pocket button (on the address bar for desktop version of Firefox)

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