Top 6 Best Features of FIFA 20 Game for PC


FIFA 20 game is specially designed for players who love football, as it is a simulation video game. The new feature in this game is VOLTA football, and its main focus is street football.

Top 6 Best Features of FIFA 20 Game for PC

Players would have access to many options, like they can play three players versus three players, and can even decide the number of matches they want to play. FIFA 20 game gives more preference to the skills of the player and less to tactics.



To give players more choice, the game has a customization option for them. They can pick their player, gender of the player, his clothes, shoes, and even tattoos. They can play a storyline for their character, which was also a feature in FIFA 19.



There are 17 locations in FIFA 20, which include London, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Lagos, and Barcelona.



There are many players from which a player can choose from, namely, Carlos Alberto, Kenny Dalglish, Gianluca Zambrotta, and Ronald Koeman.

Games Modes


There are two game modes; first is the King of the Hill, which will make players fight for possession of the ball, in a random zone.

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The second mode is the Mystery Ball, which involves passing, dribbling and shooting. The attributes in Mustrey Ball are given to the attacking side, which makes the game unpredictable.

Graphics & The Feel


The graphics and the feel of FIFA 20 are too real. When the player starts a match, he would notice the loud music and the bright lights in the game, which really give an adrenaline feeling.

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When someone scores, there are celebrations in the background and that gives a real sense of victory to the player.

FIFA 20 is all about making sure that the player uses his skills in a match, and makes a fool out of his opponent. When a match ends, the number of goals is added, and players might get matched with other capable players.

FIFA 20 game gives players of both genders to play together, and this is a unique and refreshing feature of this game.

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Players will have to create fluidity between their team members and make sure that they are placed correctly near the box. Some players might feel that the game should have no walls because that makes a FIFA game more fun, but they should definitely try out this version.

Players should make sure that they look out for the hand movements of other players.

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