Best Features of Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Earth, a game that uses augmented reality mechanics similar to Pokémon Go, had its first gameplay trailer unveiled, and developer Mojang announced a closed beta phase for users to test the game. Now, I am going to let you about Features of Minecraft Earth.

Minecraft Earth will have released for free for Android and iOS devices as early as 2019 but has no set date.

Only a few people will have chosen to participate in this testing phase, check out the walkthrough of how to apply to compete for this chance.

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Minecraft Earth
Minecraft Earth

Your neighborhood will turn into a world of Minecraft and its surroundings will be scattered blocks and mobs, called here “Tappables”. By clicking on them you can collect them for your collection and get many Tappables for the player to level up. Chests can also be found by the map, with some random items.

In some locations, it will be possible to find “Adventures“, varied adventures in small worlds of Minecraft that when completed offer the player the virtual currency of the game: Rubies.

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Once you have a good Tappables collection, you can look for a flat surface and place a “Build Plate”, a predefined mounting base.

On this basis, the user and invited friends can place or remove blocks and create whatever they want. Once completed, Build Plate can convert into a life-size building in Minecraft Earth, which can even be visited in the first person with augmented reality and Features of Minecraft Earth.

To sign up for the closed beta of Minecraft Earth there are few requirements. Users must be 18 years of age and their smartphone must have an Android 7 or iOS 10 system.

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A Microsoft or Xbox Live account will also require. By signing up players also get an exclusive skin to use in their traditional Minecraft game.

How to apply for the closed beta

Minecraft Earth
Features of Minecraft Earth

Step 1 – Go to the official website and click “Sign Up Now

Step 2 – Sign in to your Microsoft or Xbox Live account. If you already logged in this step will have skipped.

Step 3 – Fill in your details with a valid email address to receive the invitation if you chosen to participate in the beta. Data such as country, mobile system, zip code, and Apple or Google Account required.

Step 4 – Ready! Please wait for producer Mojang to contact you if you have chosen for Minecraft’s closed beta.

The game will feature five essential features:

The game will feature five essential features:
The game will feature five essential features:

Tappable, for touching real-world objects and collecting items such as wood; Adventures, to do missions with friends; Build Plates, aimed at the building; Mobs, to face the creatures that will have found on the map and Social Sharing, to connect with other players.

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The company has promised that the first test phase will close mid-year and, at the time, only Tappables, Adventures and Mobs modes will be available.

Soon, we should hear from people getting run over or crashing into cars playing Minecraft Earth. Or did they learn the lesson?

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