How to Extract 3D Character Models from Video Games

Noesis is a very powerful and easy-to-use universal game data decompression tool created and maintained by Rich Whitehouse.

It is mainly used for previewing, converting, extracting/executing/running 3D resources/assets of all types of computer and video games (reverse engineer) and is seen as one of the essential tools of game modding (Ninja Ripper for example).

Noesis works with almost any game, supports hundreds of general data formats for 3D models, images, animations, and more.

You can also process, convert and view options for many different types of volume data, including medical image formats, such as analyzing 7.5, NIFTI-1, and DICOM.

You can use NESSE to view any .Dat file, including zones, character models, etc. Export model files directly in popular 3D file formats such as .OBJ and .FBX.Character models preserve animations on default, and you can deactivate this feature as needed.

The note has used a powerful indigenous plugin system and scripting API to recognize indigenous expansion modules and Python scripts.

How to Extract 3D Character Models from Video Games?

Accessories and scripts can provide hundreds of new features and interfaces that help develop new formats, tools, and visualization aid.

For example, it supports file format, hexagonal editor, binary scanner, mesh voxelizer, native scrubber, and disassembly, webserver to share models, software grinder, Various visual tools (such as geometry selector and a material selection widget), movement catch interface, etc.

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Noesis seems to have a hard time reading information from a model that doesn’t exist as a single independent file. This means that the NPC character model works well, but the player character model may not.

Ninja Ripper

Ninja Ripper (currently Main Version 2) is an experimental tool for extracting geometry from the 3D game level and exploring it in a 3D editor such as Blender. Use cases include, for example, exploring hard-to-reach places at the game level, “Easter eggs”, and places with limited camera visibility.

  • Ninja Ripper works a little differently from other ripping tools.
  • While the game is in progress, all meshes and textures loaded into the game will start immediately.
  • You can get better textures compared to some extraction tools.
  • Do not tear the fixed skeleton/armor/legs.


Make sure your antivirus is disabled or whitelisted by Ninja Ripper

  • * Screenshot / Make sure the FPS monitoring software is not running.
  • [Flap, OBS, Bandicam, ShadowPlay, Games / Windows-Consulting-Hooks-Appropriate Software]
  • * Make sure you are familiar with Blender-general bugs
  • Before trying Ninja Ripper, check out third-party resources to see if the community has already created better tools for extracting 3D meshes, textures, and bone data for a particular game.
  • If you cannot extract these resources with other extraction tools, use NinjaRipper.

How Useful is Ninja Ripper?

Ninja Ripper tears the textures of the 3D mesh and 3D model displayed on the game screen.

In some games, the main menu/character selection/memo screen may already show the actively rendered 3D model.

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