ES File Explorer File Manager for Android

Welcome to come back ES Explorer file and You can be mostly Use this Explorer file on your mobile then after using this Explorer file so, you can uninstall this Application from your mobile. this Explorer file invites you for using and running this Explorer file just for you… This App is using 5,018,796 Peoples in the world. And 5,018 Peoples like this app and 5,018 Unlike this app in the world.  Explorer file is powerful for your mobile your mobile data will good so, your mobile is very powerful and then you can show in the world.

 I would expect images/videos from hidden folders to not show up in last opened created shortcuts. The option to exclude certain apps/folders from the file logger is not remembered and must be done each time. You can transfer and management of files and media from your computer’s web browser.

 ES File Explorer File Manager

It does everything you want in a file manager: connects with Dropbox and Google Drive, transfer files by sftp, allows one device to manipulate files on another device of yours, allows multiple tabs for easy navigation. If you do not have root access, this module is useless. You install this app so, this app your Android Devic is very Good and safe. I had been using root explorer for 4 years. until I had to extract an App from ago on my phone because I was too lazy to get to the computer. I installed RAR files, but then I had 2 apps to do 1 thing. fast, intuitive, works. a bit of a hassle with reopening my bookmarks, but pretty good already. rooted s4 mini 4.4.2 stock.

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