Enabling Dark Mode or Night Mode

The automatically switches android Q to dark mode the second method is via the setting app. pull down the notification shade twice tap the gear icon to open setting, go to display and tap theme, when promoted, tap dark, and the UI switch to dark mode. In this post, you will get to know about Enabling Dark Mode or Night Mode.

Enabling Dark Mode or Night Mode

Enabling Dark Mode or Night Mode

The screen has become an essential part of our lives. We made it into virtually every part of our work and leisure time, it’s not surprising the health impact of screen time have become a major concern, from shortened attention spans. To interrupted sleep cycles. To eye strain that’s why night Mode comes in.

Causes of the high light screen in our eyes.

Every smartphone users should know that when they will use mobile unlimited time daily so their eyes become black and the dark circle takes place. Because the dangerous rays of screen is harmfull for every part of the body . so i suggest you to when you use mobile in night so you should be your brightness low or make sure that night mode is on.

Night mode in the new device

Enabling Dark Mode or Night Mode
Enabling Dark Mode or Night Mode

Google and many of its partnering manufacture have implemented night mode in newer devices. Those with a handset running android oreo ( or never) should be able to save their eyes from harm without much effort.

there are simple steps..

  • Open the setting app
  • Select ” display
  • Select ” night light

4 you should now to able to activate night light mode . set time and more…

If you have android 7.0 nougat or an older android version you kind of out of luck. Night mode comes pre-installed on your OS but requires work to access. You can’t just toggle it on.

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There are easy work and though

Enabling Dark Mode or Night Mode

  • Swipe down twice at your top screen this action give you reaction as a quick setting menu
  • Press and hold the sprocket icon in the top- right corner to access the setting menu . lifting go after about lose

In the setting menu, you’ll see a message that says “congrats”! System UI tuner has been added to setting.

Next, install the night mode enables. You can find it in the google play store.

The app only has a single option . a button that says ” enable” night mode . clicking on it will take you directly to a hidden setting menu in the System UI tuner once there toggle the on a switch.

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And Dark theme is available  in android 10 (API level 29) and higher it has many benefits

  1. Can  reduce power usage by a significant amount ( depending on the device’s screen technology)
  2. Improves visibility for users with low vision and those who are sensitive to bright level.
  3. Make it easier for anyone to use a device in a low light environment.

Hopefully, you have been got your solution…✌

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