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I have an idle clicker game to review for you guys in this article.

Egg, Inc

developed and published by Auxbrain Inc. No worries if you are an Android user or an iOS user, this Egg, Inc supports and is available on both platforms the Android and iOS.

This game is about a future in which eggs unlock the secrets of the universe so you decide to get in on this and sell as many eggs as you possibly can.

You have to hatch the chickens, build hen houses for these chickens, hire drivers and do everything necessary to build the most advanced and modified egg farm in the world.

This game uses many elements from other simulation games that give this game a unique feel and different play style. You have presented a delightful simulation of a swarm of chicken with crisp and full of colors 3D graphics.

You will have to make all your moves very carefully, like choosing where and how to invest your money wisely, you will have to balance your resources and investments to make sure your egg farm is running efficiently and smoothly.

Egg, Inc Mod Apk

Image result for Egg, Inc

Image result for Egg, Inc

With the modded apk version of this Egg, Inc game you get a secret but very unique feature or you can say a SECRET UNIQUE BENEFIT! You get a benefit that whenever you will spend money in this game, the money will get bigger and bigger.

In this modded apk version, your money increases when you spend it.

Features of Egg, Inc

  • It has simple and casual gameplay
  • Chicken swarm
  • Opportunities to challenge yourself
  • Dozens of research items
  • A great number of missions
  • Lots of different houses for hens and different vehicles used for shipping purpose
  • Beautiful and impressive 3D graphics with pixel perfect UI and great shadow effects as well
  • To keep the feel of the game always new, it has a nested prestige system

Download: Click Here

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