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Hello there! Did you know that you can connect with all of your friends even without visiting Gmail or G+. I was having a big problem cause I used to talk with my friends everyday, but nowadays I was pretty busy. So that’s why I wish that there should be something like extension or app that will notify me from upcoming hangouts messages anytime.

During my research, I tried so many things related to Google Hangouts updates. But, unfortunately I was unable to find anything useful. Later, I was on Google hangouts support page. There was something cool, I’ve been looking for. This was exciting. Then I thought there are many peoples like me, who may be trying something like I did and I came up with this tiny article based on Google Hangouts Extension.

If you’re just like me then, I suggest you should read and follow the instructions carefully. First you need to Visit Chrome Web store here. After that go to extensions option and look for “Google Hangouts”. If you want to install Google hangouts extension produced by Google, surely you won’t find it on Chrome web store by your own search. Unless you should try Google’s Omnibox to find it. Simply click here to get Google Hangouts Extension official page. I hope you get there. Now just click on “Add to chrome”, wait a while now click on “Add extension”. There you go! Now you will be notify whenever you get new messages from your neighbors, friends and family. Isn’t that cool? Yeah it is.

Google Hangouts Extension

I hope you guys enjoyed my this tiny article on Google Hangouts Extension. Enjoy 🙂

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