Download Easy and Faster videos

Sometimes we get bored and for entertain yourself we watch some videos on YouTube, Or instead of watching we rather want to download for watch later and in case, of Wifi’s Dead. Download direct videos from YouTube it’s sucks! cause YouTube doesn’t allow you to direct download. I’m the YouTube’s biggest fan, but I’m unable to download my favorite videos. If you are just like me then I gotta tell you, you’re at a right place.

Now as you know that in this post I would like to introduce a faster and easy tool for download direct YouTube videos. Trust me It’s really easy you just have to click a button. HA! By “button” I mean to say you’re gonna add that “Button” first then you can do whatever you want.

SF Helper is an online and free tool to download videos direct from YouTube or any other platform like Instagram. This tool provides you the highest quality of video and it’s unlimited free. It’s easy to install and safe to use. All you need is just download and install, then you’re gonna ask for an extension (Remember that: Without extension it doesn’t work).


After you finished downloading/installing while watching a YouTube video you will notice a green download button, just whenever you want to download click on that. There you go! Take a look at the screenshot below. You see? There besides the subscribtion button. There is a key to download your favortie videos.


You can also try an another way of download just type “ss” before YouTube URL. Here is an example: ss

I hope you enjoyed my this little article on Download easy and faster videos direct from YouTube or any other platform like Instagram, Facebook, vimeo etc. Thank you so much for reading. I will see you in the next post till then Enjoy. 🙂

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