Dolphin Browser Mod APK for Android

Dolphin browser mod apk is a web browser for the android and iOS operating system developed by Mobotap. It was one of the first alternative browser for the android platform that introduce support for multi touch gesture.

Dolphin Browser Mod APK:

Dolphin Browser Mod APK

Dolphin browser uses the webkit engine(verification need) and its native platform rending abilities, which allows for a small disk foot print it can also run adobe flash an android. Since it has some of the most interesting features that you can find in a program of this type.

The first tool in dolphin browser HD that will grab your attention is sonar, which you can use to perform Internet searches by voice dictation. Bookmarks favorite sites and manage your social network. Another, very interesting tool allows you to create your own gestures with your fingers to access different web pages. The way you can draw a ‘t’ on the screen to access techstribe.

Dolphin browser HD is a wonderful browser with a nice and functional interface, optimum speed and a list of extension and add -ons that will please even the pickiest user.

Features of Dolphin browser.

Dolphin Browser Mod APK

  • Flash player
  • Ad block
  • Multiple tabs bar
  • Popup blocker
  • Bookmarks and Add-ons side bar
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  • Personalized search
  • Fast download
  • Incognito/ private browsing gestures
  • Sonar

Tabs: open multiple tabs for all im one browsing.
Flash: discover more with flash support (android only)
Gestures: simply swipe and go with customizable gestures
Social and storage: share and sync with Facebook, evernote, box and more
Add-ons: tailor your dolphin experience with third party add-ons
Sonar: ask and you shall receive with smart voice search.
Sidebars: quickly access bookmarks and option with a swip.
Connect: stay connected by syncing your data across compatible device.

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