How to Display a Website On Google Search Engine

We know that Display a Website On Google Search Engine is very easy and everyone can do it themselves and we don’t need to hire someone from the Fiverr, and Freelancer because the Google has updated very much it can do to yourself too. You must have to connect with Google search engine and more others like: Yahoo, Bing, AOL, Ask, and more. The site should have not only Google search engine it must on others all search engine because the Chinese peoples are using other platform as like not whole country are allowing to use Google search engine. Before making the website we know how to manage it and how to run it on the Google search engine without any assurance. So, that’s why today I decided to share something new about How to Display a Website On Google Search Engine. 

Let’s begin!

In this post, I will make it easier and start it from the beginning so, the first step to connect a website to Google. We must have a Gmail account which will help us to get it.

Create Gmail Account:

Create a gmail account
Make an account on Google

We know it that the before filling the form we have the first name, last name and then the username add it which is available but after adding the username you’ll get the idea it means this username is available so, you may choose one of from all of them.

Notice: You must add the password which you’ll not forget easily.

Display a Website On Google Search Engine

Understand it!

After clicking on the next button then go to Google and search there webmaster tools and then you’ll see the result which is look like:

webmaster tools
Google webmaster tools

Go and click on the second line where you’ll get a new form to put your website URL we can say the website address.

After doing it you’ll have a code which will have to add on the website if you’re using blogger so, go to “theme options” and then click on the >> edit HTML>> copy that code and paste after <head>.

How To Add Sitemap to Google Search Console:

It is very easy than Google Gmail account but some steps should know that why do we need to use Sitemap to Google Search Console because the Google server will read it about our site position and read all posts URL then it will index easily. (Display a Website On Google Search Engine)

Sitemap to Google Search Console
Why do we need a sitemap

Generate your sitemap online with website and download it. You can contact us to do this work, I’ll be happy for doing it for you.

Add XML sitemap file in Google Search Console:

Go to webmaster tool area and you’ve got all files of sitemap.

sitemap in google search console
sitemap file in Google Search

It will help you on the better way.

Almost done!

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