Dino Hunter Deadly Shores Mod APK free Download

Dino Hunter Deadly Shores Mod APK free Download

In this game, you can hunt dinosaurs. This is a journey to a hidden place, untouched Jurassic island which no one has seen before, in that island you have to kill the most ferocious and dangerous animals of the universe. You can encounter Jurassic beasts from docile stegosaurus to the frightening T rex.

You have to kill those dinosaurs in very dangerous Jurassic environments like wrecked ship coast, overgrown jungle, and dinosaur boneyard.

You can take and equip powerful weapons and load up on firepower with these destructive weapons such as the rocket launcher and shuriken crossbow. You will need an expert shooter strategy or a powerful arsenal to kill those ferocious dinosaurs.

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This game has amazing graphics. The dynamic shadows, high-resolution textures, and realistic Jurassic models all of these features make this game a great one and one of the best dinosaur shooter games on your smartphone.

Dino Hunter Deadly Shores Mod APK This Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores is a solid shooter and free to play a game, but you can still choose to pay real money to get some extra items and features.

This Dino Hunter Deadly Shores now contains subscriptions with the benefits which are stated below.

  • You can get the Platinum VIP Membership by paying $3.99 USD per week (or local equivalent) which includes a 3 day free trial or you can get VIP Membership by paying $7.99 USD per month (or local equivalent) (with this monthly membership you will get no free trial period)
  • You can get 1 energy refill per day
  • You will get 2 Chrono Drinks or Energy Drink per day
  • 10 Gold per each day
  • 20 percent off on the value of Exotic Weapons; the discounted price is shown as you shop

Dino Hunter Deadly Shores MOD APK features:

  • You will get all of the currency which is unlimited
  • You will get unlimited Energy
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • You will not need to reload
  • It offers increased XP Reward which helps in Fast Level Up

Free Download: Link Here

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