Dead Spreading Idle Mod APK for Android

If you want to kill the dead, again, then this is the game for you! Most people don’t like mindless games, where they just have to shoot people, they like games where they can strategize. This is because this helps them figure out about their problem-solving skills, and how they will react if they are faced with a conflicting situation.

Your strategy making skills come into play in this game when you have to arrange the soldiers in a reasonable way. They need to be on the defensive side, have to collect supplies, fight the enemy and produce so that your profit increases. When you kill the dead, then you get Range Serum.

This serum will be the best way to increase and boost the abilities of the soldiers. When you recruit soldiers, you will witness the different types of abilities that they have. With such abilities and powerful weapons, such soldiers will surely make a lethal combination for the dead men walking.

Dead Spreading Idle Mod

When you play this game, you will get to experience an emergency situation, where you have to defeat the enemy. Consider it a battle that you can’t lose.

The most unique thing about this game is its weather system. Most games ignore the impact of day and night environment on the gamer, but this game adopts it perfectly. You will actually experience a battle at night time, and daytime.

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Dead Spreading Idle Mod APK Free Download

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For those who have played the game, they feel that the graphics and the sound of the game are really good. Moreover, this game has a certain charm about it, as gamers don’t get bored playing it. No matter how far a gamer goes, they still want to keep playing the game.

If you download the game’s latest version, then you will get to experience a new user interface and an open order of function.

The soldiers in this game use ropes to land and that rope effect has been increased. Moreover, you can unlock soldier positions, to enhance the gaming experience.

The developers of this game are Potting Mob, and this game is appropriate for users 12 above. This is because, the game has moderate violence, and this could be disturbing for younger gamers.

If you like to lead an army or a group of people to fight a cause, then this is the perfect game for you. It will allow you to use your mind and make strategies for the soldiers, to win every battle that you fight. This game is very realistic, mainly because of its sound effects and the weapons that the soldiers get to fight with.


If you download the APK version of this game, then you will get unlimited money. The background story of this game is that you have to search for different camps and see if there are any survivors.

In this game, you have to imagine there is a mission, for which you need to recruit soldiers. These soldiers have to defeat the enemy, which are mad-dead men walking!

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