Top 6 Best Ways to Make Your Computer Fast

Computer Fast

Nobody likes waiting for a computer to carry out a simple task. A slow computer is one great annoyance of modern age. [Top 6 Best Ways to Make Your Computer Fast] Although there are now Macintoshes everywhere and computers with super-fast hardware, still today there are regions in the world where fast computers are either hard to afford or plainly not available. So what do you do in such circumstance? Well, you try out following ways to speed up your computer fast and having most issues, that’s why I’ve to write on Top 6 Best Ways to Make Your Computer Fast.

Top 6 Best Ways to Make Your Computer Fast

Computer Fast

There are certain ways to make your computer fast. Here are a few of them:

Install CCleaner

CCleaner is a computer fast utility that helps keep your computer fast clean from files or folders not so useful. CCleaner is a great tool to have. It has too many options to cover in this little description. But know that every time I use it my computer fast gets 5-10 GBs of free space. How? Well, that’s the stuff that CCleaner deletes from your computer. Files like temporary, history data, browsing data, cookies, etc. are a few examples of a type of stuff that the tool helps with.

Download CCleaner and install it. You won’t regret it.

Install CCleaner

Uninstall useless computer fast programs

When you purchase a new PC, most times it already has an operating system installed. And with that OS, come a good deal of programs and bloatware, which you don’t necessarily use. These programs may still be there if left uninstalled. These useless programs can be uninstalled, you just need to do. But if these are installed, they still take their share of disk space and memory.

Uninstall useless computer programs

Uninstall these programs and your computer fast will surely get faster (depending on the type of programs). Now it’s time to go to Control Panel > Programs and Features. Follow through the list of programs and carefully do the cleaning. Beware though, you wouldn’t want to delete programs computer’s hardware needs. If you’re not sure about programs to uninstall, use PC Decrapifier, a small utility that highlights programs you don’t use.

Add more RAM (memory)

One of the easiest and effective ways to boost up your computer fast is to simply add more RAM to it. It’s very effective, yet requires spending unlike in other ways. You should not go for this option unless you’re 100% sure that the RAM you already have is completely used. It is especially the problems when you’re running many programs simultaneously and your computer fast is just kinda frozen.


Delete temporary files

When you use Internet Explorer or any other browser, all your browsing history gets saved in the depths of the PC. A similar thing happens when you install a program. The folder that contains all this stuff is called “Temp” and the files it contains are called temporary files. If temporary files keep accumulating, over time they will occupy space of gigabytes. Consequently greater space occupied, slower the computer fast.

So it’s best to delete these temporary files. How? Go to the drive where Windows is installed, enter the “Windows” folder and then “Temp” folder, now delete all files that are older than the current date.

Delete temporary files

Disable useless programs from startup

Certain programs start as your Windows starts. They just start with the Windows. Even if you don’t use them, they are configured by default to startup. So as Windows gets too much to start with, it gets slow unless your computer fast hardware rocks. But fear not, you can disable them if you want.

Open your Task Manage either by right-clicking the taskbar and selecting Task Manager or by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc. Now click the “Startup” tab of Task Manager. This tab lists a list of programs/processes that startup with Windows. Besides each program is their “Status“, which can be Enabled or Disabled. Click program you want to disable and click “Disable“. Done? Great!

Disable useless programs

Keep an eye on Task Manager

Task Manager is that program that comes built-in with Windows, which gives you detailed analysis into your computer’s resources. It analyzes all the processes and programs that run on your computer fast. Anything ranging from little Chrome’s screenshot extension to heavy applications like Adobe Illustrator, they all take their bite from computer’s resources. Some processes take more memory than others, whereas others suck more CPU than others. How do you find that out? Task Manager tells you all! So now that you know what programs and processes are up and running, you can selectively cancel them. As processes are canceled or ended, they release the memory or CPU they were otherwise using.

Task Manager

This makes your computer fast in the process.

Of course, for this technique to work, you must do it carefully. Because there are processes that the system’s hardware is owning. It may not be good for you to end these processes, because they may make your computer fast malfunction and even shut down. Unless you’re almost sure a process you ending won’t affect the way the computer is functioning at the moment, feel free to end it.

If you got any more tips, please share them comments.

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