How to Fool Cold Turkey into Unlocking Blocked Websites

Cold Turkey is a fairly popular application that claims to block distracting websites in a foolproof way. So if you block time-consuming websites with Cold Turkey, you should be left with no way to unblock websites. The beauty of the software is that if you block a set of websites for a certain period of time, you cannot unblock them! No matter what you do; you won’t be able to uninstall the application in a period of “blockage”, neither can you end its process via Task Manager.

Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey

The problem with most website blocking software/apps is that there is always a way to get around the “block”, however, Cold Turkey claims to be an exception. You define websites you want to block, specify the period of blocking and when that time comes, you’re stuck with the settings. Although this could be a problem for some people, as they might need to access a blocked website within the period. But Cold Turkey leaves no way for that. So what do you do in such circumstances?

Well, earlier there used to be a system removal tool specially designed to get rid of Cold Turkey in worst-case scenarios. But now even that’s nowhere to be seen. Guess what? I have a found a way around it! Yes, you won’t have to uninstall or corrupt its files either.

All you need to do is change the time to be set beyond the “blockage” period. It works like charm! Try that.

I might this app is willing out for the member of turkey and would provide a way to unblock all website using cold turkey, therefore, I recommend my audience if you wanna unblock all website in your country so, please use this one and get a solution.

Almost done! what I wanna tell you about this.

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