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If you have ever played Sim City tycoon games and you like these types of the game then I have good news for you, that this game The City Island is just for you and you will definitely love this city building game.

In this game, you are the owner of an exotic, beautiful island paradise. And on that island, you have to grow a huge beautiful city which can attract as many people to this island city of yours as you can.

You will have to build houses for the citizens of this City Island of yours. Do different decorations and create communities to make your citizens happy and attracted to this City Island of yours.

You get a huge number of choices for buildings to build in this City. You get 85+ unique buildings like the cinema’s, hotels, offices, restaurants, bakeries, oil platforms, building parks, schools, churches, libraries, museums, and many more.

You will have the power to build almost anything you want. Do it very cleverly and be a great builder.

Image result for City Island APK"

Image result for City Island APK"

City Island Mod Apk

There are different modified apk versions of this game created and provided by different websites. Search all of them and find the best one for yourself

But most of the Mod Apk versions of this game provide the same features. With this modified APK version of City Island, you get unlimited Gold and Cash. You can use this unlimited Gold and Cash to make the best city on this game without worrying about spending your Gold and Cash.

Features of City Island

  • It is on the Top Free simulation game to play
  • It supports Tablets as well
  • Town graphics are High Quality
  • It supports 18 different languages
  • Sensitive and insightful gameplay
  • Challenge to create your own new virtual paradise
  • You first have to unlock and then build anything from a list of 150+ unique buildings
  • Gold and Cash are your currencies
  • Build a city which can attract as many people as possible
  • Build residencies for a large population of citizens
  • Collect profit from your commercial buildings
  • Speed up construction time and upgrade time using your Gold

Download here to Mod Game 

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