How To Disable The Multimedia Actions (Functions Keys) (Reviews) 2016

The function keys on our laptops as multimedia keys that allow us to manage screen brightness, manage the volume, toggle the WI-FI switch, mute/unmute the speakers, pause/play a video, etc. Function keys, in other words, are F1-F12 simply these keys perform their multimedia functions by holding down Fn key in your keyboard. If you are … Read more

How to Add Disqus Comment System in Your WordPress Site

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How to Know Embed Code YouTube Video with the Volume Muted

Last updated: June 24, 2022 Most of the videos on Facebook are watched with the volume muted as you scroll through your timeline. Whether it’s from your desktop or the smartphone app. Videos play automatically but the volume doesn’t play unless you tap and open the video. Let’s begin! How to Know Embed Code YouTube … Read more

How to Track your Flight via Facebook Messenger Bot?

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How to Add Zoom Effect On Your Blogger Images?

Zoom Effect

Zoom effect in images is one of the best things I always want to¬†add in my blogger images. Zoom gives your image a new personality. So, if you are looking for something for your images like zooming on hover, then I’m telling you that you are at a right place. Well, zoom effect is of … Read more

How to earn Money from Blogger using Google AdSense?

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